Nevis Police Destroy Over 550 Marijuana Plants

Nevis Police Uproot Marijuana Plants

Nevis Police Uproot Marijuana Plants

Charlestown, Nevis
March 30, 2010

A total of 562 high breed marijuana plants were uprooted and destroyed by members of the Special Task Force, Nevis Police Division in the heights of Nevis on Monday. Officer in charge of the eradication operation Corporal Irvin Bradshaw made an appeal to the youths of Nevis.

“I am appealing to the general public, the young people in particular, to stop getting involved in criminal activity especially drugs because it is just a waste of time. It is a sad situation to see that the community would be just wasted [and] our young people can’t even contribute something valuable back to the community,” he told the Department of Information during the operation.

According to the Officer, the find was the first of its kind they had stumbled on for the year so far, in their quest to rid the island of the illicit drug.

He said the plants on the farm were in a juvenile stage (three months) and ranged from 1-5 feet in height with an estimated street value of EC$6,000.

Corporal Bradshaw used the opportunity to thank his team mates for their tireless effort.

“I just want to commend the guys in the Task Force who work with me especially my supervisor Inspector Wilkinson. The guys continue to work hard and show that they are interested in the job and continue to uphold integrity,” he said.

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  1. As a past graduate of MUA, obviously I knew Jim Johnson (Top To Bottom Tours) well….I can’t help believe that his death was because of this. It is well off the beaten path for the Nevis Police (LOL) to find, and my guess is that Jim as a botanist saw these plants, and reported them….hence his death in very unusual circumstances.

    Jim could go to the peak and back 3 times a day, did not smoke, drink or do drugs…plus how did his one story house become so engulfed in flames without an accelerant?

    Another suspicious death in Nevis….I think Not…God rest Jim :(


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