Nevis Outlines Youth-At-Risk Programme for 2007

St. Kitts and Nevis will continue to make every effort to introduce preventative measures to ensure that the Federation’s youths do not resort to criminal lifestyles.

The Ministry of National Security will continue to work with the Ministry of Education and Youth and Social Development, Community and Gender Affairs and other relevant arms of Government. A Youth-at-Risk project lead by the Ministry of Social Development, Community and Gender Affairs and financed by Barbados-based Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) with the objective of containing juvenile crimes through the rehabilitation of young offenders into productive citizens will continue.

The Youth-at-Risk Project will result in the establishment of a comprehensive Juvenile Justice System to manage more effectively young people who find themselves in conflict with law.

Government said that the project will lead to the strengthening of the infrastructure to prevent youth crime as well as the crafting of an adequate response to children who become involved in criminal activities.

This will also result in the construction of a specialized facility to bring about change in young people who are considered to be at risk.  This will take place in an atmosphere of nurturing and caring under the expert guidance of trained professionals.

It is expected that these youths would eventually be reintegrated into the society as they would have learnt socially acceptable behaviour and values as well as income generating skills.

It is also expected that the business community will continue to provide employment to those young persons who demonstrate a willingness to bring about the necessary changes in their behaviour.

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