Nevis Observes World Teacher’s Day 2017

Happy Teacher's Day 2017

Nevis Premier Addresses All Teachers

Charlestown, Nevis
October 05, 2017

The following is an address delivered by Premier of Nevis and Minister of Education, Hon. Vance Amory dated October 04, 2017, in recognition of World Teachers’ Day observed on October 05.

Today the 5th of October is universally celebrated as World Teachers’ Day.

On this day, I salute and celebrate all teachers around the globe under the most fitting theme: “Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers.”

While I salute all the teachers worldwide, because we recognize that teachers are the cornerstone of our society, being involved in the character building, in training our young people for the professions and for taking their place in societies generally, I wish to pay special attention to all teachers here in Nevis, past and present.

I earlier referred to this year’s theme: “Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers” and it is fitting because it embodies what we in Nevis promote to provide professional development of our teachers. We believe that our teachers should have the freedom to express themselves to develop their own techniques in the provision of education for our children so that they can get the benefit out of their exercise in their profession.

The Ministry of Education and the Department of Education, work collaboratively to ensure that our teachers have a safe, healthy and comfortable environment in which to work.

The schools empowerment projects are operations that the Ministry and Department of Education seek to do all the time in order to provide the opportunity and the environment for our teachers to develop their skills and techniques to deliver the education product for our children.

I wish to encourage the leaders of our learning institutions, that is our principles, head-teachers and supervisors, to continue to allow the teachers, under their guidance, the freedom to be actively involved in the determination of the goals which the school sets for itself, especially for the children, the planning of school activities and freedom to undertake initiatives inside and outside of the classroom.

Meanwhile, the government will continue to assist with the teachers’ development professionally, through training workshops and seminars so that the teachers are able to acquire professional guidance to develop their skills to deliver their subjects to our children.

I would like to express my gratitude, and the gratitude of the government of Nevis, to all teachers, whether past or present. You have contributed in a significant way to the buoyancy of our country. You have been the bulwark and bastion of knowledge providing the guidance both morally and intellectually for those who will come after you and those who will become leaders in our community in the future.

To those of you who are still actively teaching in our learning institutions and/or in private institutions, your contribution continues to filter through to our societies, making the positive impact in terms of the training and the inculcation of values in our young people.

On this World Teachers’ Day, I commend you highly for taking this noble profession and for continuing to labour in an area, which is responsible for the molding of our nation.

Your career choice tells me that you have the best interest of others at heart, it tells me that you have a genuine love for your people and your for country and I wish to encourage those of you who have just started on their teaching career to do your best as you shape the minds and prepare our children for the future careers and their work in our communities.

I wish to encourage you to seek guidance and help from older, more experienced teachers. Always prepare thoroughly for the lessons you will teach to our children on a daily basis and please, above all, take the teaching profession seriously.

Once again I salute all teachers on this World Teachers’ Day. Continue to teach in freedom, continue to empower yourselves and be the best that you can be. May God bless all of you.

Happy World Teachers’ Day. Thank you and may you have an enjoyable day and year as you exercise your teaching in freedom, and you continue to empower yourselves but also to empower others.

Thank you and God bless you.

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