Nevis Moves Forward With Business Development

Nevis Island Premier - Joseph Parry

Nevis Island Premier – Joseph Parry

Charlestown, Nevis
June 04, 2009

As the Nevis Island Administration continues to emphasize the importance of sustainable development, Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry, accompanied by Deputy Premier, the Hon. Hensley Daniel visited New York last week where they attended business meetings and conferred with key potential developers for the island.

The first meeting was at the Four Seasons Restaurant with Robert Dilenschneider and two Principals of the Dilenschneider Group.  Founded in 1991, the Dilenschneider group has provided timely and thoughtful communication research and development to dispense to various media houses and the general public.

During the meeting, Premier Parry and Minister Daniel presented the possibilities of gaining assistance with the continental communication reach of the island’s geothermal activities, tourism and financial services.

Mr. Robert Dilenschneider, expressing delight at the island’s thrust toward a green, clean, environment, indicated that assisting Nevis in receiving environmental certification and the creation of a geo-tourism market would be given strong consideration.  He also pointed out that creating a greater awareness of Alexander Hamilton’s birth on Nevis would be a great boost for tourism on the island.

Later that afternoon, Mr. Parry and Mr. Daniel met with Mr. M. Aaron Karimzadaeh of Caribinvest, a company that is very interested in developing the Charlestown Harbour.

The redevelopment of the waterfront area in Charlestown will include the warehouse building, the customs building, the waterfront area and surrounding market areas which together would be called Harbour Village.  The project will develop the concession land as a multi-phased, master-planned, mixed-use development all within the Harbour Village port area and readily accessible to cruise and non-cruise visitors at all times.

Mr. Karimzadaeh said that Caribinvest has identified a need for a focal point for tourism in Nevis, to serve the needs of cruise visitors, hotel guests and local residents.  He went on to say that the Charlestown development project will combine elements of waterfront property with restaurants, duty free perfume shops, wine and liquor shops, branded retailers and a locally made crafts market.

“We (Caribinvest) are extremely interested in having a very up-market development which would hold 18-25 stores on the tranquil island of Nevis,” said Mr. Karimzadaeh.

The recent trip by Premier Parry and the Hon. Daniel was, from all indication, extremely successful.  It is expected that that their timely discussions would prove productive for the island and the people of Nevis.

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5 thoughts on “Nevis Moves Forward With Business Development”

  1. Does anybody know a firm called “Trade & Travel” or something like that in Charlestown? Looking for a telephone number.

  2. Sadly that is already happening. 14 Murders in St. Kitts – Nevis this year. Last year they set a record with murders, and this year they are well on their way to surpassing that!

  3. Accomodating cruise ship tourism is a BIG MISTAKE unless you want to turn into St Thomas or someplace with a lot of crime and mess.

  4. What utter nonsense! One of the investors claims he wants to build 18-25 shops in Charlestown. So what happens to the local shop owners? They just become slaves for the off-shore owners?

    He call Nevis Tranquil..well it won’t be after the building of a buhcn of duty free shops, and liquor stores.

    What a shame Nevis will be owned b foreigners soon…..just like slavery all over again


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