Nevis Minister Says “Give Children Values Not Valuables”

Minister Hensley Daniel Speaks Out

Minister Hensley Daniel Speaks Out

Charlestown, Nevis
June 16, 2008

Children need to be actively involved in positive extra-curricular activities.  This was the view of Minister of Youth in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) Hon. Hensley Daniel, as he addressed Nevisians, on NTV’s Channel 8, in celebration of Fathers Day.

While Minister Daniel spoke on various factors directed to fathers, he was passionate about the relationship between fathers and children, particularly their sons. He said that the role of males in the community must be strengthened.

“Boys have been allowed to treat the home like a hotel where they check in, eat, drink, sleep and then check out.  Fathers owe it to themselves, their local communities and their society to train boys to lead productive lives.  In their hands rest the discipline, self-respect and decency which their sons must learn.  They must be their sons’ best role models,” Mr. Daniel said.

He added that fathers were needed to help stabilise the family and community and appealed to them to take their roles seriously.

“Fathers, re-organise your work schedule to allow for more time with your family.  Your children need you.  They want you to give them values, not valuables.  They do not want clothes and electronic games ““ they want you,” he said.

The Youth Minister, who said that a stable society hung on the critical role of fathers, used the opportunity to highlight some of the many organisations that were available for children to participate in.

“I urge fathers to pause and begin a new kind of relationship with your children particularly your sons to help us arrest the violent tendencies in the society.  Fathers ensure that your children take part in the various intervention programmes ““ Caribbean Healthy Lifestyle Project, football, cricket teams, netball, track and field, Nevisian  Pearls, Dance for Jesus Club, Christian Life Club, mentoring programmes, Homework Assistance Programme, Iron Bands and computer education,” he said.

While he spent much time encouraging fathers to play more active roles in the lives of their children, he congratulated those who took their responsibilities seriously.

“There are many fathers who are carrying their responsibilities well and this celebration must accentuate the positive and help others to shoulder their responsibilities,” Mr. Daniel said.

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