Nevis Island Needs School Teachers

Mr. Chesley Manners

Mr. Chesley Manners

Charlestown, Nevis
May 19, 2008

A call has been issued for persons to join the teaching fraternity on Nevis. Word came from an official of the Ministry of Human Resources in the Nevis Island Administration on May 16, 2008 who indicated that applications to fill the vacancies n time for the new school year should be in by July to facilitate planning.
Mr. Chesley Manners, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Human Resources, told the Department of Information during an interview, that there were a number of available vacancies that needed to be filled at the secondary and Sixth Form levels.
“The Nevis island Administration through is Department of Human Resources is making and appeal for persons who are suitably qualified and interested to serve as teachers for the academic year which begins in September of this year.
“The teaching profession is still a noble profession and it offers wonderful opportunities for self development. In addition, it offers stability in terms of employment and there are not many other professions which offer an individual that unique opportunity, to so significantly impact the lives of so many of our youths,” he said.
Mr. Manners said that although the matter of teacher shortage was a problem experienced in and out of the region, Nevis would not give up in its effort to find quality teachers. He made a special appeal to males to join the profession .

“We can’t give up and we are going to make every effort to make sure that we have teachers to teach in our schools and so we are sending out this appeal.
“You would notice that most of our teachers are females and we really would like to get some males on board so we are making a special appeal to our males, join the profession and make your contribution,” he said.
The Head of Human Resources indicated that the area of most urgent need was at the island’s High Schools and the Sixth Form College in a range of subject areas.
“The information that I have would indicate that the more urgent need exists in the high school. At the Sixth Form College we need teachers in Geography, English Caribbean Studies, Communication Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Food and Nutrition.
“At the Secondary level we have Agricultural Science, Information Technology, History, Physics and Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics and also Technical and Vocational ““ Auto Mechanics, Plumbing, Wood Technology, Building Technology, Technical Drawing, Remedial Teaching, Sports and Music,” he said.
With regard to the requirements Mr. Manners explained that there was a  minimum entry requirement of five CXC or GCE subjects which would include Maths and English “A” as well as qualification in the relevant field.
For Upper Secondary level the requirement would be a minimum qualification of CAPE or “A” Level certification in the chosen field and at the Sixth Form level an undergraduate degree was required in the relevant field.
Further information for suitably qualified persons can be obtained from the Human Resources Department at telephone number 1 869- 469- 5521 ex 2132 or 2004 or with the Education Department at 1869-469-5521 ex 2062/61/63.

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