Nevis Hotelier Pleased With Local Meat Products

Locally Sourced Nevis Meat Products

Locally Sourced Nevis Meat Products

Charlestown, Nevis
October 19, 2018

Mr. Richard Lupinacci, owner of the Hermitage Plantation Inn on Nevis, says he is pleased his establishment is providing guests with premium products purchased at the Nevis Abattoir.

The hotelier praised the local products while delivering remarks at a ceremony to commission a new Processing Wing at the Department of Agriculture‘s abattoir at Prospect on October 17, 2018.

“I am thrilled that we are able to use local products and sell them as premium products to our visitors from overseas. We have been privileged to have products from the abattoir for a long time now and I think Hermitage has got a reputation for having good food and we take pride in the fact that we are not importing it. It’s fresh and local because we serve the best to our guests and it is the best to our guests, it’s not being processed and whatever happens with it.

“I go through the supermarkets and take a look at some of those things. You don’t know where they come from. Look at the labels. What’s in it? It’s all mysterious. You don’t have to worry about the products coming from here,” he said.

Mr. Lupinacci is hopeful that the new facility would expand the range of products available to the hotel and he urges livestock owners to continue to provide stock to the abattoir.

“I would hope that some of our growers and livestock owners on Nevis would see this and take it to heart and bring more of their stock in.

“For instance, I was disappointed this morning, I wanted to get 20lbs of goat meat and there is none here but I was pleased I was able to get 20lbs of breakfast sausages,” he said.

The hotelier stated that apart from utilizing pork products, for their whole roasts, they have ventured into using goat meat.

“We have always had roasted pig every Wednesday and we have pork products regularly on our menu every day. Recently, about a year or so ago, we started adding roasting a whole goat which has been a success.

“I encourage you to watch when we next do one Tuesday or Sunday afternoon because a whole goat is absolutely delicious; it’s premium. All Nevis livestock are great,” he said.

Mr. Lupinacci commended all those who were instrumental in making the new Processing Wing a reality and expressed hope that the new veterinary clinic would be completed shortly. He believes with a new clinic and expanded veterinary hospital, it would enhance the ability of the Department of Agriculture and livestock owners to improve the number of livestock available for the abattoir.

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