Nevis History Book Published By Single Parent

Robelto Hector and Jean Caines

Robelto Hector  (L) and Author Jean Caines

Charlestown, Nevis
October 01, 2008

Ms. Jean Caines a single parent of St. Pauls Parish is Nevis’ newest author. She launched her first publication “Let’s look Back”¦A Diary About Nevis and Nevisians”, earlier this week at the Bath Hotel. The book chronicles life on the island through accounts of Nevisians both past and present.

Area Representative and personal friend Hon. Robelto Hector applauded Ms. Caines for her tenacity and hard work and said her achievement could serve as a resourceful piece of literature about Nevis.

“I am seeing what a helpful tool your book could be in our schools and more so to the wider community. It was very thoughtful of you to think of compiling such pertinent information,” he said.

Meantime, Ms. Caines said the thought to write the book came in late August 2005 after she tried to recall the names of her school teachers and couldn’t and phone calls to fellow students proved futile.

She explained that in the following months when she enquired about certain events on the island she observed they were vague memories and had come to the realization that a number of persons had passed and so did information which might have been useful to persons today.

“So I began to gather information and subsequently began to write in September of that same year,” she said.

Ms. Caines noted too, that in her research she tried to get exact dates as much as possible and the information as presented in her book was in an easily understood format for ease of reference.

“There’s a lot of information inside. It’s a must have for each home on the island and also for each Nevisian”¦ I urge you as a people to spend time reading about our past. We have a lot to be proud of!” she said.

She took the opportunity to thank here family and friends and former teachers who had helped to shape her life and to her children Jaedee, Sade, Aalyah and Chylon Caines for their support, patience and understanding.

Also present at the launch was Minister with responsibility for Social Transformation Hon. Hensley Daniel and his Permanent secretary Mr. Alsted Pemberton.

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