Nevis Health Minister Claims Nevis Health Ministry Cares

Nevis Health Minister - Mark Brantley

Nevis Health Minister – Mark Brantley

Charlestown, Nevis
February 02, 2013

Newly sworn in Deputy Premier and Minister of Health in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) Hon. Mark Brantley, reminded Nevisians that his Ministry cared and would do all it could to make healthcare more affordable and accessible to them.

Mr. Brantley’s remark came as he welcomed Jamaican-born Unites States Virgin Islands based Haemotologist/Oncologist Dr. Erole Hobdy, when she paid him a courtesy call at his Bath Hotel office on February 01, 2013.

“As the newly minted Minister of Health “¦ the public will be very pleased to know that wwe here in Nevis, through your assistance, will be offering some chemotherapy services on the island. We have had far too many incidences of cancer on the island and many of our patients have had to go overseas for this treatment. So the idea that you can have it done right here in Charlestown is an amazing idea. It’s something that I am very, very excited about and I want to welcome you to Nevis.

“I just want to use this opportunity to say to our patients who are out there, that this Ministry cares and that we will be doing everything in our power to make healthcare more affordable and more accessible to them,” he said.

According to the Health Minister, Dr. Hobdy has practices in the United States Virgin Islands and she would commence her practice on Nevis from Friday February 08, 2013.

He further registered hope that Nevisians, Kittitians and persons from the neighbouring islands would take advantage of her specialized medical service.

In conclusion Mr. Brantley told the Doctor that he looked forward to a long relationship between her practice and the island of Nevis.

In response, Dr. Hobdy said she was pleased to be on Nevis and looked kindly on the audience Minister Brantley afforded her. She also spoke of her existing relationship with patients from Nevis and the reason she decided to set up an office on the island.

“I have seen some patients from St. Kitts and Nevis in my office in St. Thomas and also in my St. Croix office and that was what actually prompted me to branch out and to acquire some office space based here in Nevis. My office space is actually right across from the [Alexandra] Hospital and I will be here next Friday seeing patients and treating patients actually with chemotherapy.

“I have another oncologist who would be working alongside with me and I have two oncology nurses as well. We will be coming at least once a week, on Fridays as the need requires and it is my hope that, if necessary, that I will be able to acquire more staff to be here on the island on a full time basis but we will see how things go as we go along,” she said.

However, in the meantime, Dr. Hobdy explained that potential patients who wanted to attend her Nevis clinic would have to contact her office through her St. Thomas office telephone number.

“I am very passionate about what I do and I practice in St. Thomas, St. Croix and also in Tortola and I am here in Nevis and I am more than happy to see patients. They would have to call my office in St. Thomas for now and my number there is 340-776-1551. They can call to make an appointment and when we are here on Fridays, we will be able to see them and we can take it from there,” she said.

The Doctor also thanked the people of Nevis for their support namely the Ministry of Health, Dr. Jessica Bardales and Mrs. Joslyn Liburd and told the new Minister of Health that she looked forward to working in partnership with him and for his continued support.

Also present was Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Ms. Angelica Elliott.

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