Nevis Gears Up For Upcoming Bi-Elections

Charlestown, Nevis
August 24, 2007

The Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) led Nevis Island Administration is very hopeful of gaining two of the three Federal seats for Nevis, in the upcoming bi”“election to be held today, Monday, August 27, 2007. The Hon. Joseph Parry said the win will consolidate the party’s position in the Federal Parliament, thus allowing Nevis to attain greater autonomy.
The seat was made vacant by the sudden passing of the Hon. Malcolm Guishard on June 11, 2007. The deceased Mr. Guishard held the position of Leader of the Opposition in the St.Kitts – Nevis Federal Assembly.
The candidate for the Nevis Reformation Party, the Hon. Hensley Daniel is currently the Deputy Premier of Nevis in the Nevis Island Administration and has been endorsed by several local Nevisians who bears witness to Minister Daniels years of assistance to the people of Nevis. “When Mr. Daniel was director of community affairs he assisted my family and myself with tangible items such as food and clothing, but most importantly he took time on many occasions to simply talk to me and give my guidance and support.” Said Ms. Idella Newton, Stoney Grove , Nevis.

Presently the Nevis Reformation Party has only one representative in the Federal Parliament. He is the Hon. Patrice Nisbett, who is also the legal advisor in the Nevis Island Administration.
Every night since returning to Nevis from Canada and New York where Premier Parry has given reports on the NRP’s first year in government to Nevisians residing in North America. Mr. Parry, along with his cabinet has been on the campaign trail, speaking to large numbers of NRP supporters informing them of the tremendous progress Nevis has received in such a short span of time.
While talking to NRP supporters in St. John’s, Premier Parry stated”, Let the performance that we have displayed in one year show what the NRP can accomplish for the people of Nevis!”

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