Nevis Culturama’s Ms. Culture Contestant – Franale Holder

Franale Holder - Ms. Culture 2012 Swimwear Contestant

Franale Holder – Ms. Culture 2012 Swimwear Contestant

Charlestown, Nevis
July 13, 2012

On a beautiful Easter morning, a Portuguese and black beauty was born to Veronica Simon and Frank Holder. Today, that person is Ms. Nevis Cultural Development Foundation, Franale Holder.

Twenty two (22) year-old Franale hails from east coast Demerara, Guyana: the land of many waters. This gem can be described as a young woman with an abundance of aspiration and inspiration as she confidently makes her journey to her success.

In keeping up with her straight A’s, this fifth form graduate, through her courageousness, vibrancy, intelligence and talent, aspires to become a professional singer/rapper.

Being the eldest of seven children has taught Franale responsibility and management of one’s assets and income. Appreciation for her parents and the support she receives are the main driving forces and pillars in her life.

As a child, Franale had the privilege of living in two countries, a privilege she took full advantage of and which enabled her to attend two schools from nursery to secondary. In Suriname and Guyana, the combined learning experience is what mattered to her as it gave her the added advantage of being fluent: scripted and verbal in English, Nederland’s (Dutch) as well as a Caribbean slavery language called “Stranang Tongo.”

Franale has many accomplishments to be proud of such as the delivery of a speech, on her school district’s behalf, to the president of Suriname addressing how less fortunate children have been working extra hard, along with their teachers, in order to ensure progress; when she was crowned Miss East Coast Guyana in 2009, and when she gained 1st runner up and the title “Miss Air” in the 2010 Miss Guyana Earth Pageant.

Franale’s greatest achievements however, would be when she graduated at the top of her class with seven subject passes in grades one and two, and best overall debater in 2008.

While a beauty in her own capacity, Franale enjoys singing, dancing, rapping, writing music, reading realistic romance novels, modeling, cooking and pageantry. She loves the colour yellow and is inspired by her siblings. She hopes to bring originality and creativity to this year’s Ms. Culture Swimwear Contest.

Franale’s favorite quote is “love is life and life is love” because when she is “having an off day,” she remembers how fortunate she is to be surrounded by loving friends and family. “Dream big,” she says, “and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make it.”

You are invited to the Nevis Cultural Complex on Sunday 29th July 2012 to see Miss Nevis Cultural Development Foundation Franale Holder vie for the 2012 Ms. Culture Swimwear title.

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