Nevis Cultural Drummers Visit Antigua

Iafricana Cultural Drummers Group

IAfricana Cultural Drummers Group

Charlestown, Nevis
May 23, 2008

Members of two cultural groups on Nevis will benefit from a number of workshops in Antigua at the bi annual Antigua Dance, Drum and Drama Festival hosted by the Antigua Dance Academy.
The IAfricana Drummers and the Rhythm Dance Theater left Nevis earlier this week to attend an ongoing three day festival, which is expected to conclude on May 25, 2008.
Special Advisor to the Nevis Island Administration in Culture Mr. Halsted “Sootie” Byron who also heads the drumming group, told the Department of Information while on their way to the Airport on May 21, 2008, that his group would perform some drumming, while the dance group would perform a number of Caribbean and African pieces but most of all would benefit from the experience.
“Most importantly, some of the members of the dance and drumming groups will be attending workshops in the areas of dance and drums and I think that is a good opportunity for those young men who have not had much exposure before.
“We just have two persons “¦ [who] have had some exposure but the others would be glad to meet and interact with drummers from all over the Caribbean also of course to learn as much as possible and certainly the dancers would be glad for the opportunity as well. We look forward to learning a lot and be able to pass on that knowledge to young people in Nevis when we return,” he said.
The group is expected to return to Nevis this weekend. 

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