Nevis & All Things Caribbean Store

April 01, 2008 

Today marks the launch of my new “Nevis & All Things Caribbean” store. I have selected literally thousands of items from Guidebooks, Cookbooks, CDs, DVDs, Travel Gadgets, Luggage, Cameras, Clothing, Sporting Gear….well you get the idea. Basically anything that I could find that has to do with Nevis or the Caribbean.

Whether it is an item that you Must Have before going on a holiday to Nevis or the Caribbean, or it is something that you miss not having in your part of the world, I am sure that you will be able to find it at my store. I have tried to add items in different price ranges and for different ages. Hopefully you will find some fun and useful products. In the mean time here is just a small selection of books from my store.

All the best, Mike

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