Nevis Aims To Recycle Plastics

Nevis launches sustainability project to recycle plastics

Nevis Launches Project To Recycle Plastics

The Nevis Tourism Authority encourage the people of Nevis to recycle plastics to help make the island an eco-friendly destination.

Ms. Jadine Yarde, Chief Executive Officer of the NTA, while delivering remarks at the project’s launch on October 13, 2021, at the designated plastics drop-off site at Long Point explained the idea behind the project.

“The idea and the intention behind this project, is really to get persons to be able to recycle. So we are hoping that with this project in conjunction with the various stakeholders…as well as the Taiwanese Embassy and [Nevis] Solid Waste Management, we’re able to transform Nevis into a sustainable destination.

“Our goal is really to engage through education, through marketing initiatives, community participation, we are looking for everyone to understand the needs of recycling, and understanding how important it is for them to contribute to this amazing project because again, this is all of our island and it’s important for us to work together to make this a success,” she said.

According to Ms. Yarde, the project was in the making for the past six months, and the idea came about because of a recycling project that the Charlestown Secondary School was undertaking. However, due to financial challenges affecting the school project it fizzled out and, the NTA saw the need to pick up from where the school had left off.

She noted that the NTA came together with a number of stakeholders who shared the same interest.

“We came together with various stakeholders around the island including Windward In Action, Nevis Clean and Green, Nevis Historical and Conservation Society, Nevis Solid Waste Management Authority, Charlestown Secondary School, and many just eager persons that wanted to do something for the island, and we saw the need for us to really place an emphasis to recycle plastics.

“We know that reduce, reuse recycle is very important to keeping an island that is sustainable for years to come and for those to come, and so we decided to come together as an organization and formed the group Sustainable Nevis,” she said.

Ms. Yarde, also encouraged everyone on the island to learn more about sorting, recycling and how they can play their part in continuing to make the island a special place.

The NTA’s CEO used the occasion to thank Mr. Steven Hector for his services; the management of LEFCO Equipment Rental for donating a container for storage purposes; the Nevis Water Department for allowing them to utilize their space at Long Point; Mr. Devon Griffin for creating a logo for the group; and Ms. Joyce Chang, Project Manager of the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund’s St. Kitts and Nevis Solid Waste Management and Recycling Project, for expertise and a donation of sanitizers for the Long Point; and the Taiwan Embassy in St. Kitts and Nevis for additional bins.

Other remarks also came from Mr. Roger Hanley, Operations Manager at the Nevis Water Department and Ms. Joyce Chang Project Manager of the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund’s ongoing St. Kitts and Nevis Solid Waste Management and Recycling Project in the Federation; and Ms. Jewella Queeley of Windward In Action.

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  1. Why just not BAN single use plastic in the first place. 30 Years ago platic bottles were almost unheard of. Put a deposit on the bottles. Make money for the poor and keeps the place clean


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