Nevis Aims Program At Keeping Culture Alive

Sandra Maynard - Nevis Social Services Director

Sandra Maynard – Nevis Social Services Director

Charlestown, Nevis
September 29, 2013

Students of the St. Thomas Primary School and senior citizens on Nevis were reminded that mingling the island’s seniors with the younger generation, was significant to the survival of the Nevisian culture for the benefit of future generations.

The reminder came from the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development on Nevis Mr. Keith Glasgow, at the launch of the Social Services Department’s Inter-generational Exchange programme. The new collaborative initiative with the Department of Education was launched at the St. Thomas Primary School on September 24, 2013.

“So I feel that this exercise, this Inter-generational exercise, is extremely significant because of the different ages because of the different age ranges that we need to connect with each other. You as seniors have a wealth of knowledge and experience and the knowledge you have, the experiences that you would have gone through, you need to pass those on to those who are younger. Remember that is how culture survives,” he stated.

Also present at the short launching ceremony was Director of the Social Services Department Ms. Sandra Maynard, who encouraged the students to embrace their seniors in the community and treat them with respect.

“We can’t just put them [seniors] aside and leave them in the home after they get old; just leave them there and go out in the day and say ‘They’re old now they have to stay home’. We have to continue to love them and embrace them as part of our community.

“So this morning, my short message to you is that as children, you should do four things… you are to respect, appreciate; you are to be helpful and most of all, you are to love,” she stated.

Mrs. Maynard also reminded the students that they should treat the seniors in the community with love and dignity.

“All of you, no matter how cute and nice and young you are, you are going to become elderly people and you’re going to want to be treated just how we are expecting you to treat them. So I want you to remember those words, respect, appreciate, help and love,” she said.

Among those present at the launch was Education Officer responsible for St. Thomas Primary School Mrs. Avril Elliott and the Coordinator of the Senior Citizens Division in the Department of Social Services Mrs. Garcia Hendrickson.

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