Nation Building Emphasized at Induction Course for Teachers

Minister of Education - Nigel Carty

Minister of Education – Nigel Carty

St. Kitts – Nevis
Education Ministry
July 01, 2013

“Teachers are Powerful! You must use that position of power to influence our children into right behavior; into building their self-esteem; and into projecting for themselves a life worthy of living and a life which people in the wider community will be able to Witness,” said Minister of Education Hon. Nigel Carty as he addressed the closing gathering of the 2013 Induction Course on Friday June 28th.

Minister Carty informed scores of participants in the 2013 Induction course for persons interested in becoming teachers that their role as teachers would require their commitment and best efforts as they represent their students’ greatest chance of being successful and becoming productive citizens.

The course is hosted annually at the Technical and Vocational Division of the CFBC by the Ministry of Education with a view to prepare persons, who will enter the classrooms as teachers, with the requisite skills to manage their classrooms, communicate effectively, understand the management structure of the education system and to empower them to be effective teachers.

The Minister reminded participants that they should maintain a level of hope and persistence as they awaited acceptance in the field of Education. He emphasized that although everyone would not be taken on for the start of the next school term in September, there would be many opportunities in the upcoming months as teachers leave to study and for other reasons.

Several participants voiced their pleasure at having been given the opportunity to be exposed to such a wide range of interesting, teacher-focused information.

Among topics mentioned as favourites during the two-week event were lesson-planning, professionalism in the classroom, maintaining order in the classroom, safety in schools as well as conflict management. The attendees highly complimentary of the various facilitators over the two week period singled out Mr. Michael Blake for special commendation.

The participants were introduced to key figures in the Ministry of Education and Information including Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Ionie Liburd-Willett, and Chief Education Officer, Ms. Clarice Cotton.

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  1. Try teaching the kids gun safety first…like not using them. 7 Murders in Nevis so far, all shootings. Pathetic.


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