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Canada Funds Law Enforcement Training

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
April 20, 2009

As part of the on-going implementation of the Canadian funded training project for law enforcement and security officers two one week training exercises will be conducted here from 20 April, 2009.  This recent training is being facilitated by Mr Paul Jolicoeur and Gordon Gregoire (RCMP retired) as they conclude the RCMP component of the Project.

The first week of training to be conducted from 20th to 24th April,, 2009 will focus on Systems Approach to Police Training.  The target audience will be Trainers/Instructors in the police and security forces.  Special focus will be on curriculum development of the police training, reviewing the processes and content to ensure that they reflect current realities locally and internationally adopting best international practice and procedures.  Topics will include following:

  • The training cycle
  • Research module
  • Design module
  • Delivery module
  • Testing  module
  • Civil liability in police training
  • Research module
  • Evaluation module
  • Cost analysis
  • Population analysis

The second week of training, 27 30 April, 2009 will see the formal introduction by the  police of its Community Policing Training Programme.  This effort is designed to provide awareness and sensitization to all its officers.  To this end Mr Jolicoeur will deliver a series of training sessions to a wide cross section of police officers in both St Kitts and Nevis in Community Policing orientation.  This is expected to take the form of three half day sessions two in St Kitts and one in Nevis.  Community Policing strategies and concepts will be taught to all new police recruits at the police training school as part of their initial training and will be a regular component of their training from here on.

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