Lindsay Grant On The General Elections Date

PAM Leader - Mr. Lindsay Grant

PAM Leader – Mr. Lindsay Grant

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
People’s Action Movement
January 08, 2010

Our long national nightmare is almost over. Freedom Day is set. Kittitians and Nevisians will go to the polls and vote for change on Monday, January 25th.

The next election isn’t about politics and party – it’s about whether we want to vote for change or vote for more of the same. It’s about whether we want to put our stamp of approval on a failed government that has presided over the worst crime and murder crisis in the history of the Federation and crushing cost of living increases that make it hard for working families to get by.

The power of people united for change is more powerful than Denzil Douglas and his rich and corrupt friends. The time is now to act. Together, our people-powered campaign can defeat Denzil Douglas and his rich and corrupt foreign friends. There’s so much work to be done and only a few weeks left. Join us on the road to victory!

You have the power to stand against a Prime Minister who snubs his nose at our Constitution, our democracy and the rule of law. You have the power to elect a government that has a plan to tackle the crime and murder crisis that has spiraled out of control under Denzil Douglas’ watch. You have the power to change this country for the better.

After 15 long years, Denzil Douglas is drunk with power. He’s amassed 15 properties for himself while people are feeling the squeeze of high cost of living. He’s wasted taxpayer money on fancy Marriott stays for his rich friends like Anthony Astaphan. And, he tried to subvert our Constitution and our democracy through his failed attempt to rig the constituency boundaries in his favour.

Denzil Douglas must be stopped and you have the power to stop him! Denzil Douglas’ time is running out. There are just a few weeks until the election and we need you to act now. The people, united can defeat Denzil Douglas and bring real change to the Federation. Volunteer now with PAM’s Campaign for Change and together, we can turn this country around!

Change is coming. Freedom Day is just a few weeks away. Talk to your friends and neighbours. Tell them that this isn’t an election about party – it’s a choice between real change and more of the same failed policies of the past. Remind them that their vote is sacred and between them and God. No one will know how anyone votes.

Freedom Day is Monday, January 25th. Vote for change.

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