Lindsay Grant Issues Warning to Prime Minister

PAM Leader - Mr. Lindsay Grant

PAM Leader – Mr. Lindsay Grant

“We are not scared as you should be scared”

Basseterre, St.Kitts – Nevis
December 04 2009

Leader of the St.Kitts-Nevis opposition party the People’s Action Movement (PAM),   Lindsay Grant, has made some stinging criticisms of what he said is Prime Minister Denzil Douglas’ (PM) determined and deliberate attempts at changing the boundaries despite the evident flaws.

The Harvard Trained Lawyer Grant said that he would like to warn the PM of his actions, noting that he or his party should not be taken lightly as they intend to use the courts to settle these matters. “We have no intentions of using violence as a means of settling our dispute, as we respect this Federation and the people of it. As such, we will resort to the courts for our actions but that should not been seen as us (PAM) being intimidated by Douglas and his party,” Grant declared.

He slammed the Douglas administration for what he said is their continued lawlessness, disrespect of the people and deliberate attempts at dictating the outcome of the elections while it is evident that PM Douglas does not respect the courts.

Grant said that he is very weary and disgusted by PM Douglas’ actions and would seek other course of actions to deter him from  his continue disrespect and refusal to accept the court’s decisions.

“I think that Prime Minister Douglas thinks that this is 1993 and 1995 when he instilled fear and confusion inciting people to do a lot of things, but I need to remind him that it is 2009 and we are not afraid of him this time. But if he doesn’t believe us let him continue and we will all see the end results.

“Douglas and his foolishness will not be tolerated anymore and I warn him to take note as we within the People’s Action Movement are not stupid or afraid, but we want to give the courts enough time to do what it has to. As the Leader of PAM, it is my responsibility to ensure that the sufferings that is being encountered by the people of this Federation ceases; so I warn the Prime Minister that he must stop as enough is enough”¦we will not take anymore,” Grant declared.

Grant said that the public’s confidence in the Douglas administration has been eroded. He declared that the Tourism Minister lied to the public, along with the PM, when they had launched the “Its Working Campaign”. He noted that nothing is working except the Government committing ills upon ills, resulting in a complete breakdown in law and order.

“I want to say that if the system was working, as the Prime Minister wants us to believe, then we would have had elections already as we see that he is so afraid of defeat that he has resorted to using any and every means in remaining in office. But we will not allow that and I want him to know,” Grant said.

Further, Grant said that if the system was not flawed and “its dysfunctionality at least tolerated”, the people of the Federation would have been able to elect a government of its choice before October 25 this year.

Grant said it is evident that the public continues to be disgusted with the continued failure of PM Douglas to run the affairs of the Federation effectively and efficiently. He noted that the violence the PM incited in 1993 and 1995 and that he continues to boast about, has resulted in a culture of significant crime and violence today.

He added that the failure of Dr. Douglas to adhere to the public’s request of stepping down or immediately calling elections would result in increased troubles for him. “The Prime Minister thinks that we are scared but I want him to know that the only person who needs to be scared is him, as the People’s Action Movement is not a party that is scared. So, take warning Dr Douglas as the writings are on the wall,” Grant said.

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