Let The SKABA General Body Decide Says Dr. Alexander

Ghetto Roots Player - Dale Rochester and Son

Ghetto Roots Player – Dale Rochester and Son

Basseterre, St.Kitts – Nevis
April 18, 2010

As the “Bobo Dread” SKABA saga continues Ghetto Roots Head Coach Dr. Garfeild Alexander has suggested that the matter be taken to the general body to finalise and put and end to the matter.

“I think this matter can easily be resolved if it is taken to the SKABA general body and let democracy prevail and allow Dale Rochester the “Bobo Dread” to be heard by his peers,” said Dr. Alexander .

The SKABA General Body consists of all member teams in the local basketball association. The SKABA general body and membership currently consists of almost 30 teams.

The SKABA appeals committee mentioned as one of the possibilities in resolving the matter is to bring the matter to the General Body with both sides presenting their case and have the body decide and vote on the matter. The vote and decision of the general body  would then result in an amendment to the SKABA rules and regulations that would reflect  decision of the general body.

“I wholeheartedly agree. I think the SKABA teams should decide whether they have an issue with the religious headwear or not. That in my view is democracy at work and I think it is the way to go. Whatever the general body decides the Ghetto Roots organization will respect and abide by,” the Ghetto Roots Head Coach and Hitters team physician continued.

The appeals committee met with both sides on Thursday afternoon and heard arguments as present by SKABA who was represented by President James “Barman” Hanley and the Ghetto Roots Club who was represented by Head Coach Dr. Garfeild Alexander,Assistant Manager and Coach Dwayne Sturge,  Lawson Liddie and Ghetto Roots team Lawyer Marsha Henderson.

The appeals board is comprised of Glen Quinlan (Chairperson) and President of the St.Kitts Amateur Volleyball Association, Lester Ible Vice President of the St.Kitts-Nevis Table Tennis Association , Arthur “Garfeild” Jeffers former SKABA President and team Owner and Yvette Taylor former SKABA General Secretary served as the boards Secretary.

Assistant Manager of the Ghetto Roots Dwayne Sturge raised concerns about the appeals board. He indicated that the board in his view was too small and felt it lacked the presence of someone from the legal fraternity.

“I don’t think there is anyone who has a professionally acknowledged legal mind on the committee, to say that there is a lawyer, someone who, you know, from day to day, their job is ” interpretation of documentation, so that is something that I think should be included in the panel as well, and also I think that our team itself should have some say in”¦.the selection of the members. You know three simpple items that I have, I would put forward to whoever was in charge of selecting the individuals: that a legal mind should be there….; I think the panel is too small “; and the team should have some say at least in, you know, the selection of at least one of the members.” Mr. Sturge said.

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