July 2007 Tropical Weather Summary

National Hurricane Center
August 01, 2007

For the North Atlantic…Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico…Tropical cyclone activity in the Atlantic Basin during July was near average.  One Tropical Storm…Chantal…formed during the month…which matches the long-term average of one tropical storm during July.  So far…the 2007 hurricane season is ahead of schedule…as the third tropical storm of the year forms…on average…around August 12.
Chantal formed from a low pressure system of non-tropical origin about 240 miles north-northwest of Bermuda early on 31 July.  It moved north-northeastward to northeastward at an increasing forward speed and reached its peak intensity of 50 mph later on 31 July. Chantal was short-lived…and it lost its tropical characteristics by early on 1 August as it approached southeastern Newfoundland.

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