I Added 60 New Nevis Photos On My Facebook Page

Nevis Peak As Seen From St. Kitts

Nevis Peak In The Distance As Seen From St. Kitts
Photo Courtesy of Nevis1.com

I just spent the past day scanning, editing, tweaking, and uploading 60 new photos of Nevis.  These photo are all from the early to late 1990’s, and many of the people and places in these photos have since passed on.

Sadly that is life and progress, but if you would like a trip down memory lane, then do check out my photo albums on my Facebook page.  The link for my Facebook page can be found below.

PS, if you do recognize these places or people, please add a comment about that photo in my Facebook.  Feel free to invite yourself to be a friend too, as I will be adding literally hundreds of more photos in the weeks to come.  I have collected over 6,000 photos in my 21 trips to Nevis.

All the best, Mike :)

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