Hamilton Promises Significant Investment In Agriculture

PAM Deputy Political Leader - Eugene Hamilton

PAM Deputy Political Leader – Eugene Hamilton

Basseterre, St.Kitts – Nevis
November 05, 2009

Deputy Political Leader of the Peoples Action Movement, Eugene Hamilton has said that should he be elected as the parliamentary representative for Constituency Eight he will not slow down on a number of plans that he has for agriculture. He pointed out that despite being in opposition he has already been working into securing a number of investors while under a Peoples Action Movement administration significant investment will be pumped into the sector because of lack of investment and systems that was failed to be executed by the Labour administration.

Hamilton said that it is evident from the lack of performance of the current Minister and representative, the Hon Cedric Liburd that it’s evident that he (Liburd) wants to see farmers and the agriculture sector neglected, but this will not happen once he is given an opportunity. “we just have to look at what Minister Liburd has done over the years and let his record speak for him as its evident that it is as miserable as it can get and therefore the public should no longer place their trust in a man who continuously fail to deliver,” Hamilton said.

“We within the Peoples Action Movement has always underscore the significant importance of agriculture and therefore if elected I promise to not be distracted and I will not in any way slow down in securing investors while making the requisite investment as a government  to farmers”

The PAM constituency eight candidate stressed that during the last elections he and the leader of the party had pointed out to sugar workers the intentions of Minister Liburd and the Prime Minister and after being convinced otherwise they voted for Liburd. However he said that this time around he is confident that with another five years going by with neglect and failure rather than investment and growth that the public will place their trust in him.

“I would like to reiterate the commitments that I made to you the farmers five years ago as I return to humbly secure your tryst. Once again I urge you to make note of those who are trying to obstruct and interfere with the plans that we as a party has for you should we be elected as while we are in opposition we have been working on a number of initiatives and plans to implement,” Hamilton urged.

He said that under his ministry they will place  significant focus on the execution of both a  yearly while also creating strategic programmes, and farmers’ interest will always be a top priority as a PAM government believes that agriculture is pivotally important tio the sustsined growth and development of any nation. Hamilton reminded farmers that in 2004 he was labeled as liar by Minister Liburd and the Prime Minister while a number of unfulfilled promises were made again. He however urged them to not make the mistake that they made in 2004 in not electing him while warning them to not to be distracted by misleading information being peddled by Minister Liburd and the Prime Minister who has returned again to seek their votes.

He pointed out that the Peoples Action Movement was strongly criticized by the Government for being honest with the public in addressing back in 2004 a number of critically important sugar industry related issues. He noted that some seven months after wild and baseless promises were made the industry was closed by the same individuals who had vowed to not lay a finger on it. “We within PAM believes that agriculture should play a major toile in the federation’s development and thus with our Government you are guarantee a source of income as we seek to repair and correct the numerous mistakes made the labour administration,” he reiterated.

Hamilton added that he and his party is aware of the efforts by the Government to discredit him thus there have been evidence of them spreading erroneous information on that project to the public. These persons, Hamilton said stressed, have no interest in the workers’ welfare and their intention is to influence the voters to make the wrong move. Ï want to stress however, that the voters will not in the least be swayed by their devious statements intended to see the sector fail,” he reiterated.

The PAM Deputy Political Leader and Constituency eight candidate said that his party will remain on the workers’ side and its continued commitment to ensure that significant commitment to bring investment are distinct testimonies to its commitment. Hamilton said that he will not allow the false and mischievous statements being peddled against hi to detract him from his primary objective of bringing about change foremost to the people of constituency eight and ultimately St Kitts and Nevis.

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