Green Valley Festival 2011 Planning On Course

Green Valley Festival 2011

Green Valley Festival 2011

St. Kitts, Nevis
West Indies
October 20, 2010

With approximately eight months until the unveiling of Green Valley Festival’s 15th anniversary celebration, members and friends of Green Valley Global in New York met with the Green Valley Festival Committee Public Relations Officer, Mr. Clifford Griffin, on Friday October 15, 2010.

In a spirited, thought provoking, and in-depth brain storming session, the community enthusiasts listened intently as Mr. Griffin shared some of the ideas being tabled for the 2011 anniversary, including an International Queen Pageant, a Calypso show featuring past calypsonians, local community activities in sports and education  and other areas of opportunity that will definitely consume the time and energies of organizers over the ensuing months.

Other plans discussed include the process of conducting surveys and focus groups in order to better understand how the festival committee can capture the interests and concerns of the residents of the community through culture, sports, education, self upliftment activities, and discussions on crime and safety, among other things.

According to PRO Griffin, the festival committee intends to promote the 15th anniversary plans by way of this year’s National Carnival.¬† In so doing, nationals at home and abroad, as well as visitors to our shores, will be informed at an early stage as to the 15th Anniversary celebration plans of the vibrant Green Valley community.

As 2011 approaches and members reflect on the 15 years of celebrating community, those involved in the organizing process are hopeful that a greater purpose can be drawn from the annual celebration and that villagers throughout the world who hail from Ottleys Village to Canada Estate will be an integral part of the planning and celebration.

Mr. Griffin pledged his commitment to working diligently with the New York arm of the Festival Committee along with individuals and groups the world over, eager to celebrate the rich history and pride of the people of the Green Valley area.

The brainchild of Patricia Anna Liburd, Green Valley Festival was launched in 1996 and has been instrumental in promoting community togetherness and cultural involvement.

Mr. Creighton Pencheon served as the Executive Chairperson from the inception of the community festival and Mr. Vernon Benjamin has been at the helm of the committee as Executive Chairman since 2000. Mr. Benjamin will continue to lean on members of the community including businesses, to ensure a successful celebration in 2011 and beyond.

Green Valley 2011 runs from June 6 to June 13 under the theme “Community Development Through Cultural Involvement”

Public Relations Officer Clifford Griffin can be contacted via e-mail at cliffordgriffin

The New York arm of the committee, Green Valley Global, can be contacted via their Public Relations Officer T.C. Phipps-Benjamin at

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