Great “New” Book About Nevis

Nevis As We See Her: Goin’ To Come Back
By Rosemary Willis Sullivan

Rosemary Sullivan, the author, was kind enough to send me her book about Nevis entitled Nevis As We See Her: Goin’ To Come Back, and I have to tell you it brings back LOTS of memories for me.

While this book will be appreciated by all who are interested in Nevis, the “Old Timers” to Nevis will really get a kick out of it.

The book offers a look at Nevis both past and present through the eyes of Nevisians and Ex-pats. Many of these people you will know or have heard of. The photos in the book are worth the read alone.

From Les Windley, to “Old Man” Skeete, to Omel of Carib Aviation, to Jr. Minister of Tourism Alistair Yearwood. It really was a hoot to browse through the pages.

I especially enjoyed the “interview” with Alistair Yearwood on how the Nevis Airport got started…I had never heard that story before.

Be sure to have a look at it, see the link below.

Nevis As We See Her: Goin’ To Come Back

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