Grant Tells Crowd That Labour’s Mandate Has Expired

People's Action Movement Candidate - Lindsay Grant

People’s Action Movement Candidate – Lindsay Grant

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
People’s Action Movement
October 26, 2009

A massive crowd of supporters turned out yesterday October 25th 2009 (Sunday) to reinforce their overwhelming support for leader of the Peoples Action Movement, Lindsay Grant. Grant in his address to the massive crowd addressed them on a wide range of issues while reinforcing his party’s position on the eagerly anticipated election.

The special convention was held at the party’s Lockhart Street Headquarters and representatives from all of the eight constituencies were present. In a fiery address delivered Grant told supporters that the five year term of the Prime Minister has come to an end and therefore it was time for the Prime Minister to call elections immediately so as to afford voters an opportunity to decide on the way forward.

Grant pointed out the many continuous atrocities that are being committed against the people of the federation noting that in the interest of the country, Douglas should entrust it in the hands of a serious team. He made mention of the law that the Prime Minister has established which has been named SR  and O 18 of  2006 to change the boundaries in St Kitts and Nevis. “They tried to change boundaries at the last minute to give them an unfair advantage because they are in possession of their polls from Cadres in Barbados which shows the Labour party has lost considerable support and will loose the next general election,” Grant said.

He further told the crowd that the court had already decided that the whole basis of the electoral reform process was bad, unconstitutional and illegal void and of no effect, because the whole process was based on a badly enacted SR and O.

Grant added that the Prime Minister’s mandate is for five years and as such it expired toady (Sunday). “After today he has no moral authority to lead this country. After today he cannot pass any laws with moral authority because his mandate is at an end and he has to renew that contract with the people,” Grant said.

He declared that such a contract can only be renewed by fresh elections. “He loves to talk about mandate from the people, well his mandate has expired thus I want our party to be clear on what will happen from here,” he said. Grant went on to note that the Prime Minister has no basis or authority for trying to change boundaries on the people when his mandate with the people has expired.  He ended his message with the general consensus and strong view that Denzil Douglas’s time is up and as such he should leave office immediately.

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