Grant Implores PM To Act And Speak More Responsibly

PAM Candidate - Mr. Lindsay Grant

PAM Candidate – Mr. Lindsay Grant

Basseterre, St.Kitts – Nevis
People’s Action Movement
November 4, 2009

Leader of the Peoples Action Movement (PAM), Lindsay Grant in responding to statements made by the Prime Minister Dr Denzil Douglas that the affairs of the federation should not be entrusted into St Kitts and Nevis pirates said that the Prime Minister continues to demonstrate his inability to act and speak responsibly.

Grant said that like many listeners he was disappointed wit the comments uttered by the Prime Minister on his weekly “Ask the Prime Minister” aired on ZIZ radio on Tuesday of this week.  “It has been clear for some time now, that the Denzil Douglas led administration is a stranger to good governance and every day we are seeing more of this,” Grant said. Prime Minister Douglas was heard agreeing with a known Labour supporter who suggested that St Kitts and Nevis has Somali pirates who wanted to run this country. Prime Minister told the caller that these individuals (opposition party) are like St Kitts and Nevis Somali pirates.

Grant in responding to what he has labeled as desperate attempts by the Prime Ministers and his associates in holding on to government noted that the issue of good governance must imply a scrupulous regard for the resources of the state, good management, probity, efficiency, a lack of corruption, and the timely conduct of the affairs of the state, among others.

“I am very sad to see what this once striving federation has been reduced to and to see what has occurred over the past 14 odd ears leaves much to be desired and ask the popular question of how long more will we continue like this,” Grant asked.

He pointed out that it is very distressing that none of the mentioned qualities characterize the Douglas led administration which continues to see the rapidly growing crime rate added with high national debt, broken families, poor health care, unemployment band a broken tourism industry.  He suggested that that negative feature, which according to the PAM leader seems to be the primary hallmark of Prime Minister Dr Douglas and his administration. “I must be frank and say that is his gross inability to carry out the functions of this beautiful; federation in an acceptable timely and processional manner,” he said.

The PAM leader pointed out that because of this the federation is being operated in a sad less than systematic manner and more often than not the Kittitians and Nevisians are the victims he observed. As such, Grant pointed out that clearly the case with the loss thus far of 13 lives with two being women and also a questionable death of a man by a security officer with no proper findings being released.

He added that the incompetence of the government to address crime and unemployment may result in further job looses and more murders pointing out that earlier today a man was shot in the Village community.

“I am heartbroken as a public official who honestly and genuinely wants to see development and empowerment of our locals so that St Kitts and Nevis can move forward positively, as such, It hurts me to have to once again address these issues as I do not want to find me or any member of my party having to respond to the Prime Minister’s continuous gross inaccuracies thus dwelling on any negative aspects of political life in the federation,” Grant noted.

However, the continuous inability of government to stem the rampant shooting and crime wave and their refusal to tap in to my party’s offer of assistance in helping them as a federation to collectively address the problems faced in both crime and unemployment is a clear indication of the continuing terrible management of this government since taking office in 1995,” Grant declared.

Grant pointed out for the need for this government to be dissected, which he noted will help  the people of St Kitts and Nevis to better understand the price of ‘misrule’ by Dr Douglas and his administration.

Grant declared, “All within this federation must realize the critical importance of what we have at stake here. And therefore there are two pertinent questions that we must ask ourselves as nationals and residents can we continue under the Douglas administration or will we continue to allow the blatant deterioration of this federation.”

“I would like to state on record that history can state that at no time during the PAM Administration in the federation, he said, did Kittitians and Nevisisians ever experience such ineptitude, incompetence and downright failure.

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