Grant Calls For All To Help Eradicate Crime

PAM Candidate - Mr. Lindsay Grant

PAM Candidate – Mr. Lindsay Grant

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
December 12, 2009

Leader of the People’s Action Movement Lindsay Grant has stressed that there is an urgent and immediate need for all to get involved in eradicating crime and violence in the Federation. He noted that this is very important if any success is to be achieved in reducing the escalating crime rate.

Grant said his party is very concerned about the situation and strongly feels that residents and citizens need to show solidarity in whatever effective crime fighting plan is instituted, regardless of their political persuasions. He noted that with 26 murders already recorded for the year, it is important for all stakeholders including politicians to sit in an effort to eradicate this social ill with the view of preventing any further loss of lives.

“I would like to see where we can have a Carnival and Christmas season violence and crime free as the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis belongs to all of us irrespective of one political and social persuasion. I therefore call on all to get immediately on board in addressing crime and violence,” he said.

This, Grant said, is very important, noting that his party’s crime fighting plan has only been rejected on political grounds.

“No longer are suggestions and initiatives taken on board because of its merit and the fact that it can be effective. We are seeing that regardless of how good a plan is once you are not singing the same political tune it was shot down immediately,” Grant said.

He pointed out that all stakeholders, including government, have to immediately roll out an action plan immediately if they are going to address this situation. He stressed that crime and violence continues to be of great concern for all.

He disclosed that irrespective of one’s political beliefs and persuasion everyone is affected in some way or the other, adding that all are at risk of being victims of the situation.

Grant declared that it is the people’s constitutional right to be safe in their country and Government has a moral responsibility in ensuring that the public’s safety is of paramount importance.

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