Grant Apologizes For Statements Made By Dr. Douglas

PAM Candidate - Mr. Lindsay Grant

PAM Candidate – Mr. Lindsay Grant

Basseterre, St.Kitts – Nevis
Janauary 23, 2010

Former Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis and highly touted as the next Prime Minister of the federation, The Right Honorable Dr Simmons and Lindsay Grant respectively apologized to the Governments and people of Antigua and Barbuda, Jamaica and Grenada for comments made by Dr Denzil Douglas some nights ago on his political platform. Both Dr Simmons and Grant said that they are truly hurt, disgusted and disappointed with the comments noting that Dr Douglas while not issuing a public apology as yet they would like to apologized on behalf of the people of St Kitts and Nevis.

While speaking on the political platform Prime Minister Douglas asked if Antiguans and Barbudians, Jamaicans and Grenadians are now paying the price of moving away from a Labour government to install a different administration. He further suggested that hardships in Antigua and Barbuda is as a result of the people removing away from a Labour administration.

However Dr. Douglas came in for a scathing critique from the governments of Antigua and Barbuda and Jamaica , which they decried for what they said, is his unprofessional uttering which they noted threatens the unity among Caribbean countries in light of CARICOM’s attempt to promote CSME.

Dr Simmons made the rally in Newton where he endorsed the leadership of the party’s political leader and candidate for constituency one, Glenroy Blanchette. Dr Simmons told the massive crew that he feels compel to apologize noting that the statement is not only an embarrassment to the him but all noting that the Prime Minister has not only disrespected the people of the other countries but also those living within St Kitts and Nevis. Dr Simons said that the statement by Dr Douglas is a clear indication that the people of this federation deserves a change and he intends to assist in whatever way possible so as to ensure that change is achieved. He reminded all that while he remains in retirement he has taken a brief “break” so as to ensure that the people can rid themselves of the “cancer” that eats away at them.

“There are some people who believes in red and yellow but there are also some who do not believes in either colours but let me say that now is not the time about red and yellow now is the time to reality that we need to save our federation from the atrocities of Dr Douglas and the Labour Party and therefore I ask if you would see your country falling apart and refuse not to lend a helping hand,” he asked.

He added, “I intend to do whatever possible that I can ton ensure that PAM gets elected to office as IĀ  know that there is no way that a Prime Minister earning around 12,000-17,000 can be able to accumulate the number of properties that Dr Douglas has been able to. Let me say that I spent 15 years in office and 15 years out of office and I am still paying mortgage fort my one house so there is no way that one man earning that salary could have accumulated such wealth and number of properties,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Grant in offering his apologies stressed that upon taking the oat of Prime Minister he will seek to have an emergency meeting with the various leaders so as to see what he can do to repair the damage relationship. She stressed that the federation cannot afford further embarrassments by the Prime Minister noting that the federation will wake up to a new dawn on January 26th. He declared that the Prime Minister’s statements were deliberate, unprofessional and an insult to the heads and people of the various countries. ” Dr Douglas was deliberate and I say that we will apologies and seek ways of repairing the relationship as no longer can we continue with such a leaderĀ  anymore,” he declared.

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