Geothermal Energy To Revolutionize Nevis Economy


Nevis 1 Geothermal Energy Drill Site

Charlestown, Nevis
October 09, 2008

Nevis will host a major geothermal energy conference in November.  This was revealed by the Premier of Nevis, Hon. Joseph Parry at the second Annual Consultation on the economy on Tuesday morning at the Four Seasons Resort.

The intention of the conference, according to Premier Parry, is to further sensitize and excite the rest of the region and the world to the great potential this energy source would offer to Nevis.

According to Premier Parry, Geothermal would revolutionise Nevis and the economy by providing more direct jobs on the island, help to lower government’s subsidies to the public debt, attract industries in search of cheap power and remove a need for large sums of money to be spent annually on diesel for power generation.

“As we take steps to make ourselves strong economically and socially, we are fortunate to have discovered geothermal energy,” said Premier Parry.

Guest speaker, Professor Devon Gardiner of the College of the Bahamas, who spoke on alternative energy, said the island of Nevis has no need to scurry to find other sources of energy. He went on to say that Geothermal should be the flagship energy source of Nevis, as Geothermal is 10% more potent than natural gas.

Premier Parry declared that in the next few weeks the Nevis Island Administration will negotiate the terms and conditions around which this great source of energy which will be developed for direct use for the people of Nevis, St.Kitts and eventually for export throughout the region.

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