Four Seasons Resort Nevis….Dumps Employees

Nevis' Premier Parry On Four Seasons Layoffs

Nevis’ Premier Parry On Four Seasons Layoffs

Charlestown, Nevis
March 03, 2009

In what could be described as a timely address, Premier of Nevis the Hon. Joseph Parry informed the nation of the recent lay offs at the Four Seasons Resort on Monday evening hours after they were informed by the hotel’s management of their dismissal.

The Premier reminded the people of Nevis that his Budget address in December 2008 and in his New Year’s address, he had informed them of the impending lay offs at the Four Seasons Resort in the first quarter of 2009.

“I felt it was very necessary that I tell the people of Nevis about the layoff because it was important to do so. The employees needed to be in a position where they can prepare themselves for the lay off. Employees of Four Seasons have obligations to their children, business places, and the bank. Therefore, time was needed to plan and prepare,” commented Premier Parry.

The Premier received information from the management of Four Seasons, stating that as of Monday, March 2nd, 2009, the majority of workers would be laid off with the exception of Managers and some persons are being kept on to work in the areas of Engineering, Villa Services, Security, Finance and in Housekeeping.

“It should not be a shock to us, as the island has been prepared and was informed about this situation some months ago,” said Premier Parry.

The employees of the Four Seasons Resort who have become redundant will be receiving a compensation package, negotiated by the Nevis Island Administration on behalf of the Four Seasons workers. After a period of 13 weeks, those individuals will be able to receive redundancy pay from the Federal Government.

The Government has been speaking to the owners of the Four Seasons Resort and Premier Parry said the representatives of the hotel have commended the work ethics of the Nevisian workers and has rated their work as top quality.

He went on to say that because of the Nevisian work standard, the Resort representatives will welcome some of these laid off workers’ to assist during the restoration stage of the hotel.

In the meantime, the Premier and his Administration are aware that some of these workers who have been laid off will be seeking employment elsewhere and steps have been taken to provide adequate service through the Department of Labour.

A special consultant, Mr. Davidson Morton, has been brought in to assist the Department of Labour prior to this predicament.  Mr. Morton comes to the Department with a wealth of experience, since he worked there for a number of years at the highest level. Mr. Morton will consult with the Labour Department staff and the laid off workers to advise them of job availability.

The Premier used the opportunity to remind the workers of employment opportunities that are available at Brown Hill Communications, Nelson Spring Villas and the newly opened Marshalls Restaurant, which also plans to have a small hotel with about 50 rooms in October.  It is expected that some displaced workers will find employment within these institutions.

In conclusion, Premier Parry said he was hopeful that Nevisians would reach out to each other.

He continued, “Let all of us as Nevisians reach out to one another and make sure that we will each be our neighbor’s keeper. Let us also hope that the Four Seasons Resort will be re-opened by Christmas and things will continue in Nevis as we wish them to be.”

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