Fleming Expresses Dissapointment and Disgust

Roy Angus Fleming - People's Action Movement

Roy Angus Fleming – People’s Action Movement

Basseterre, St.Kitts – Nevis
People’s Action Movement
December 18, 2009

Roy Angus Fleming St.Kitts-Nevis Opposition P.A.M. Party Candidate for Constituency #2 has expressed concern over recent revelations about the dealings of his political opponent Marcella Liburd.

“Like the thousands who attended, or listened on air via radio or online throughout the diaspora, I was concerned, disappointed and frankly disgusted about the revelations made by my Deputy Political Leader the Hon. Shawn K. Richards about my political opponent Marcella Liburd,” said Fleming.

“This is a very serious matter that shows the true character of Ms. Liburd.  How can she promote ‘Stronger Families, Safer Communities’ on one hand and then on the other she treats her own family with such disdain and disregard. So much so that her Neice and Nephew had to drag her into Court,” Fleming lamented.

“If she can treat her own family so badly that they have to seek redress from the Courts then one cannot even fathom how she would treat her constituents if by some bizarre miracle she is elected come the 18th of January next month,” said the Constituency #2  PAM candidate.

During a PAM political meeting in Old Road PAM MP Shawn K. Richards outlined and read excerpts from Court documents which highlighted accusations of wrongdoings and misappropriation of funds by Ms. Liburd . The documents were centered on the Estate of the Late Labour Minister of Education Mr. Fitzroy Bryant. Bryant left his vast fortune for his two children. Marcella Liburd, his sister, was appointed the Administrator of the estate. The Will clearly stated that his children were to be the Beneficiaries. However Liburd is being accused by her niece and nephew in Court documents of not only withholding funds due to them but also misappropriating and mismanaging their father’s Estate.

The Court documents revealed that Bryant was worth millions at the time of his death. Despite this established fact, his children have unfortunately been unable to receive the basic necessities of life, much less the luxuries, including the opportunity to further education by attending college.  They are yet to receive their rightly inherited benefits from their late father’s Estate.

Liburd and the Labour Party remain mum on the issue and according to reports the party has been in constant meetings to discuss the way forward for Ms. Liburd. Political Pundits have declared that this scandal will likely send the former Speaker’s campaign into a tail spin and will further diminish her already waning support.

Recently conducted polls have shown Marcella trailing PAM Candidate Roy Angus Fleming in favourability.

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