Eugene Hamilton Confident In Winning Constituency 8

Eugene Hamilton - People's Action Movement Candidate

Eugene Hamilton – People’s Action Movement Candidate

Basseterre, St.Kitts – Nevis
December 19, 2009

Mr. Eugene Hamilton, the People’s Action Movement candidate for Constituency Eight, is extremely confident in winning that seat in the soon to be called General Elections.  Mr. Hamilton, who has been the target of a vicious smear campaign by his political opponent, said that he has emerged stronger than ever from the character assassination strategy employed by the Douglas regime.

“Even their use of the CLICO/British American fiasco to tarnish my good name has failed miserably,” said Mr. Hamilton.  “I have since been vindicated by the reports issued by the relevant authorities of the OECS governments and the court appointed judicial review,” he continued.

Many political pundits believe that Hamilton has become a target because he has been predicted to defeat the incumbent Cedric Liburd.  It is still widely believed that Mr. Hamilton had won the seat in the last General Elections but certain irregularities prevented him from being declared the winner.  Many citizens can recall the unbelievable length of time it took for the last box to be counted on election night. 

“I have not allowed the events of 2004 General Elections to discourage me.  In fact, what took place then has served to inspire me to work harder to ensure that the people of Constituency Eight get proper representation,” said Hamilton.  “Constituents have been neglected for too long and it is a burning shame that after 14 years of a Labour Party elected candidate and Labour Party Government, there have not been any significant improvements in the Constituency,” he stated.

“This constituency and the entire country have had to suffer because of decisions made by Minister Cedric Liburd when he travelled to England with his wife to purchase prototype generators,” Hamilton lamented. 

Mr. Hamilton also reiterated the need for transparency and accountability in government and gave the commitment that his Party will enact good governance legislation to strengthen democracy in our country.  He stated that sunshine must be given to the public procurement procedures of government in order to eliminate corruption.

“I stand ready to serve, and prepared to govern,” he declared with great confidence and anticipation.  

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