Deputy Premier Discusses His Ministry’s Achievements

Nevis Deputy Premier - Hensley Daniel

Nevis Deputy Premier – Hensley Daniel

July 14, 2009

In celebration of the third anniversary of the Nevis Reformation Party’s (NRP) election to government in Nevis, The Deputy Premier, the Hon. Hensley Daniel accented the achievements of his ministry at a well attended public meeting at Bocco Park, Friday night.

Mr. Daniel outlined the Homework Assistance Programmes, the care of Senior Citizens, training of young people, environmental work which has transformed Nevis and an increase in Health Education on the island.

“Since taking office , the Nevis Reformation Party ““ led Nevis Island Administration has paid more attention to the society by strengthening the Department of Social Services, whose mission statement is to create and implement programmes and offer services that will promote the ongoing improvement and well being of the society,” commented Mr. Daniel.

In the last two years, the Department of Social Transformation’s interaction with the society has picked up tremendously as the department has shown evidence of fulfilling their mission.

Under the youth department, Nevisians have witnessed a range of activities, among them, Nevisian Pearls (a support group for teenage girls), the Nevis Boys Choir, the Summer Job Attachment Programme, youth skills, Bikes not Bombs programme, Mentorship Programme, Easter Camp and the Social Services Department Peer Unit.

Minister Daniel told the crowd that the Homework Assistance Programme had contributed to the numerous young people who had achieved high marks in the recent Test of Standards in Nevis.

“Now children who come from families that are rich, middle class or poor, can benefit from the homework assistance program that was put forth by the Nevis Reformation Party-led government,” remarked Mr. Daniel.

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