Departments Come Together To Aid Youth

Youth Department Heads Join Forces For The Good Of All

Department Heads Join Forces For The Good Of All

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
April 07, 2009 (SKNIS)

The Department of Youth in St. Kitts is strengthening the relationship with its sister agency in Nevis in order to better serve the youth of the Federation.

A meeting chaired by the Director of Youth on St. Kitts, Geoffrey Hanley was recently held between personnel from the Department of Youth in St. Kitts and the Division of Youth in Nevis. Kristina Stoney and Teneisha Hendrickson exchanged ideas on programmes and activities with the locally based staff.

“I think it’s a lovely beginning,” Ms. Stoney said, of the efforts to expand cooperation. “In Nevis, we [work] “¦ towards whatever is in the best interest of the young people “¦ and connecting and collaborating with our St. Kitts counterpart is only going to increase the [awareness] of opportunities out there for them to take advantage of.”

Director Hanley agreed that the meeting was fruitful and used the opportunity to officially request assistance in implementing the School Leaver’s Survey in the sister island. The survey is presently underway in St. Kitts and aims to capture the dreams and aspirations of high school students about to enter a new stage in life. The data will be used to inform decision making and policy planning by relevant authorities.

Ms. Stoney added that she was intrigued with the way young people were mobilized in St. Kitts as well as a number of local initiatives that could be replicated in Nevis.

One such initiative is the “Youth Express” television programme which features young people exchanging ideas on topical issues in an informal setting.

Staff members were invited to Nevis to view the Boys on Bikes strategy which is popular among the youth populace there.

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