Constituency #8 Safe With Eugene Hamilton

PAM Candidate - Mr. Eugene Hamilton

PAM Candidate – Mr. Eugene Hamilton

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
PAM Secretariat
January 23, 2010

Candidate for St. Kitts largest opposition party People’s Action Movement (PAM) for Constituency number eight Eugene Hamilton has demonstrated that he is ready to serve and prepared to govern the people of his constituency.

Hamilton pledged his continued commitment to the St. Peters community at a public meeting in The GLENN St. Peters last week, but in his latest meeting in Cayon, he was very passionate about developing the community which continues to give him overwhelming support over the years. In the 2004 Elections, Hamilton claimed over 62% of the votes cast in Cayon receiving a 366-vote lead ahead of his opponent.

Hamilton said, with this kind of support, it is critical to promote development in the areas of community festivities, sustainable land distribution policies and employment opportunities.

“I have lived here and gone to school here so people have come to trust me. I am asking for their support strongly again, but the fact that Cayon people feel left behind because of the kind of representation that they are getting, they can feel assured that they can have somebody who will stand up and represent them well,” Hamilton said in confidence of his victory on Monday, January 25.

Hamilton placed his pledge on record that he will work closely with the community to ensure that the Green Valley festival remains the premier festival in St. Kitts as it promotes a great sense of community togetherness.

Also, one of the major challenges for the people of Cayon has been the limited access to land for agriculture and housing, but Hamilton has already made plans for when he is elected to serve the people of constituency number eight.

“Agriculture seems to be on the decline and I don’t think it’s because people don’t want to work in this field, I think it’s because they are not getting the opportunity to do so. So, we definitely have to address and promote a land policy that ensures that there are grazing pastures for the community, land available for both commercial and small-scale farmers and also for developing housing for the community,” Hamilton said in commitment to the Green Valley area.

While the growing talent of the constituents has been, over the years, neglected by the outgoing Labour candidate, Hamilton forward-thinking leadership has already made provision for young talent.

“I have already spoken about trying to develop the music industry to feed off the development taking place in tourism because there are a lot of youngsters around who have the ability to produce music of good quality, and we don’t know where the next big artiste is going to come from but it may come from right here if they get involved in production,” Hamilton said.

It was with this vision that Hamilton has plans to develop a music studio in Cayon. This, he said will encourage people to become professionals in the field as they would now have an avenue through which they can produce their music. It would also create young role models in the industry and strengthen the pride of the Cayon community. Similar investment will be made in other areas to ensure that the unemployment is significantly reduced.

Hamilton’s main thrust is to allow the community development to coalesce with existing development in the community and nation at large. He said agriculture to support tourism and foreign students would be a focus for him.   

With all these pledges, Hamilton is confident that Cayon will once again place their support behind him as they embrace the change that is soon to come.

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