Commonwealth Day Message On Patriotism

Hensley Daniel With Students

Hensley Daniel With Nevis Students

Charlestown, Nevis
March 09, 2009

Deputy Premier in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) Hon. Hensley Daniel carried a message of Patriotism when he addressed primary school students at the St. Johns and Ivor Walters Primary Schools on Monday. The occasion marked the observance of Commonwealth Day on Nevis under the theme “Serving a New Generation”.

He told the students that they were the most fortunate and privileged people ever to have lived on Nevis.

“You have all the modern amenities ““ lights, water, eelectricity, telephone, internet, computers, video games and some of you have your own rooms at home and cars.

“You have no hog meat to pick, no animals to feed, no land to work, no water to carry. What an opportunity to excel and make the country proud. You are the new generation,” he said.

Mr. Daniel further pointed to what he termed were three basic issues necessary in the service of the new generation ““ good manners, honeesty and patriotism.

He urged the students not to forget to use “Excuse Me, Thank You and Please” and with regard to honesty they should not copy from their friend. Honesty, he said would always be the best policy.

The Minister also told the students that patriotism to him meant love and loyal support for country.

“If we are patriotic we do not join gangs; patriotic people do not throw garbage all over the school yard; patriotic people do not vandalise the school’s property; they show respect for those in authority, show respect for the flag and [national] anthem; they think about the motto “Country Above Self”. Turn your back on violence and crime; it gives the country a bad name ““ think of others,” hee said.

Notwithstanding, Mr. Daniel told the students he hoped they had realised that they were not only being prepared to live in Nevis but to love and serve humanity.

“You must love and serve humanity. You must drop this low self confidence, this idea that I cannot because I come from a small place. Know that you can serve in any country in the world. Just know that fortunately 53 countries of the Commonwealth speak English.

“Stay in school, make the country proud and make yourself available to serve the current age and fulfil your calling. Make yourself available to serve in any part of the world; so learn another language,” he said.

The session ended with a reading of the Queen’s Commonwealth Day Message by Principal Ms. Adina Taylor and a question and answer session with Mr. Daniel. Coupon

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