Commission Of Inquiry Commences On Nevis

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Inquiry To Be Handled In A Timely Manner

Charlestown, Nevis
May 19, 2009

The first stage of a Commission of Inquiry to look into the activities of the former Nevis Island Administration (NIA) commenced on Tuesday, when a British Commissioner was sworn in by Governor General Sir Cuthbert Sebastien, at Government House in Basseterre.

Premier of Nevis Hon. Joseph Parry made the announcement in a televised announcement later that day. He said Mr. Tomas Sharp QC out of England will head the Commission while Sir Richard Cheltenham QC of Barbados who was sworn in will be the Commission’s Counsel. The Secretariat will be manned Mr. Morrice Tyrell aided by Ms. Myrna Liburd.

Mr. Parry said when his Nevis Reformation Party took over the government of Nevis over two years ago, part of its mandate was to enquire into the activities of the former Administration.

“During our campaign we stated there was a breakdown in good governance. Since we have been in office we have promised the people of Nevis that a Commission of Inquiry will take place to examine the behaviour and conduct of ministers in government from the former administration.

“A poll was done and over 74 percent of the people of Nevis demanded that the inquiry be held. Even members of the Opposition challenged and stated that an inquiry should be held,” he said.

The Premier said the Inquiry would be held in a public forum at the Cultural Centre in Charlestown and would be open to all interested members of the public. Subsequent information would be passed to the public in a timely manner for interested parties who wished to attend. The event will also be covered live by the government owned Nevis Television Channel 8 and by other private radio stations.

Mr. Parry said the Administration’s expectation of the Inquiry was one of fairness and objectivity and stated that there would be no involvement on the part of government.

“The government will in no way be involved in any form of interference or any type of intervention. At the end of the enquiry the results will be published and whatever actions are to be taken will be taken,” he said.

The Premier also noted, that he was hopeful at the end of the Inquiry, the people of Nevis would have a better understanding of what good governance was and that those in and out of government would understand the need to conduct themselves properly when charged with carrying out the business of the people in a timely, fair, reasonable and honest manner.

“I am quite sure that it will be an example for young and old so that in the future, we will have not only good governance but governance on behalf of the people of Nevis,” he said.

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