Callaloo Soup With Crab Recipe

Callaloo Soup with Crab Recipe

Callaloo Soup is a rich chunky soup made from a base of callaloo leaves, and containing a selection of root vegetables (dasheen, tania, yam, sweet potatoes, green bananas), salted pork, coconut milk, spices and stiff & sticky dumplings. Ingredients for Callaloo Soup: ¼ lb pickled meat 2 – 3 crabs 1 doz eddoes or dasheen leaves 8 ochroes (okra)

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Sweet Potato Pudding Recipe…Yum-Yum

Sweet Potato Pudding Recipe

Sweet Potato Pudding is healthy for you. High in potassium which is a very important vitamin because it not only aids in relaxing muscle contractions and helps prevent muscle cramps, but it also reduces swelling and help protects and regulate the activities of your kidneys. This offers 10% of your daily potassium. Sweet Potato Pudding Ingredients:

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Rice and Peas – A Caribbean Staple

Rice and Peas Recipe - Nevis Style

Rice and peas was adopted from the Akan tribe hailing from Ghana and Ivory Coast in West Africa. The dish, which still exists in those countries today, is known as Waakye and of course consists of the usual rice and peas. Rice and peas, a classic comfort food combo in Latino and Caribbean communities. Rice and Peas Recipe – Nevis Style

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First Drink Recipe…The “Tragic Magic”

Tragic Magic Rum Drink Recipe

I thought I would kick off the recipe section with a drink recipe…surprise there eh?  This rather strong drink was concocted for me by my favorite bartender on Nevis, Alison, of Nisbet Plantation fame. Actually he “designed” this drink for me when he was working at the Oualie Beach Hotel bar many years ago. Tropical Drink Recipe Ingredients

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