Sunshine’s Killer Bee Recipe – Nevis Beach Bar

Killer Bee Recipe - Sunshine's Nevis

Killer Bee Rum Punch at Sunshine’s Beach Bar – Pinney’s Beach – Nevis, West Indies – I can’t begin to guess how many times I have been asked for the famous Sunshine’s Killer Bee Recipe.  While this is not exact, it is damn close…after a few you won’t notice anyway :)  It is not a Nevis vacation without one of these. Watch Out…The Killer Bee Is Aptly Named

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First Food Recipe….Conch Fritters

Conch Fritter Recipe - Nevis Style

Conch fritters are one of those snack foods that I can eat at any time of the day, hot or room temperature, and I do. I first tasted these when a friend of mine from Nevis, June France of Newcastle, made them for my family back in the early nineties. I have been a great fan of June’s cooking ever since! Conch fritters are a taste sensation.

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Caribbean Saltfish Fritter Recipe

Saltfish Fritters A Caribbean Treat Oualie Bay, Nevis February 10, 2015 Saltfish Fritters are always a treat for either breakfast, lunch or dinner! I like to make them as an easy weeknight dinner or a treat after church on Sundays.  Saltfish fritters and some fried plantains and I am good …

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