Candidate Eugene Hamilton Pledges Good Representation

PAM Candidate - Mr. Eugene Hamilton

PAM Candidate – Mr. Eugene Hamilton

Basseterre, St.Kitts – Nevis
People’s Action Movement
January 12, 2010

“Cedric Liburd is all about broken promises, yet he comes to you seeking another term! After fourteen years in government he does not recognize that he is a man that knows not, and knows not, that he knows not, and you should shun him!”

These were the expressions of People’s Action Movement (PAM) candidate for Constituency 8 Mr. Eugene Hamilton, speaking to a massive crowd of villagers and party supporters at the Glenn St. Peters, last evening (Jan. 11). Hamilton fearlessly placed his disgust on record in relation to the broken promises, lethargic representation, and gross ineptitude declaring that they will no longer be tolerated by the people of his constituency.

The outgoing parliamentary representative Cedric Liburd is taking his final walk of failure on a shaky stage of broken promises, although he claims to be a man of progress. At this point however, it is clear that Liburd’s promises have not been working in constituency 8.

“Liburd promised a public education facility will be built here in St. Peters but up to now which one of you can point a finger to this wonderful facility? He promised stabilization of the ghaut, upgrading dirt roads in St. Peters and in 2004 he even promised upgrading the playing field with seating, lighting and fencing. In 2000, Cedric Liburd promised the acquisition of Fountain Estate to be made into an industrial site. All of these are broken promises, yet he comes to you seeking another term!”

Cedric Liburd who has served in government as Minister responsible for agriculture also left a trail of broken promises in that portfolio during his third and final term. In 2000, the candidate promised a land leasing system to give access to young farmers and even went as far as boasting of his plans for a storage facility for agricultural produce in St. Peters. To this day, Cedric Liburd has been unable to deliver, and the constituents have said ‘enough is enough!’

Liburd, who claims some 21 years of training in the field of insurance, has made no effort to ensure that the people of St. Peters, Cayon, Keys , Conaree and the rest of the citizens, benefit from a comprehensive healthcare plan, said Hamilton.

Instead of delivering on his promises, Cedric Liburd has been very busy lately making loose and irresponsible attempts to debase the character of Eugene Hamilton and even more feeble attempts to reverse the headway that his PAM counterpart has made in the St. Peters area. His weak and irresponsible smear campaign has been sharply criticized by residents of the St. Petrs and Cayon, and these are nothing but “acts worthy of condemnation”.

“Cedric Liburd can’t conduct a decent campaign, and he is seeking another term! But, I have challenged him before and I will challenge him again: If you really want to talk issues, let’s have a debate!! He is running a campaign not fit for a candidate of the 21st Century but the young people of this constituency deserve a debate between the two candidates to determine who can articulate a position better!” Hamilton delivered to a cheering crowd.

However, while Cedric Liburd plays his last song of broken promises, Hamilton has been busy tuning up his fiddle to serve his constituents in government. Eugene Hamilton, declared that he is of the strong conviction that he has the experience and the training to deliver much better than the Labour candidate and that his party PAM has better programmes and policies to benefit the nation at large.

Hamilton said, “I am offering myself as a better choice than the representative that you now have. I am better to deliver on the promises made. I am a better representative who people of every persuasion can stand up, listen to, discuss with and admire. I am a better choice to respond to the needs of persons in this constituency and I am a better choice to ensure honesty and integrity in the process of elections.”

Eugene Hamilton has set his pledges for his constituency and as his constituents rally behind him, they can be assured that all pledges will be fulfilled to improve the lives of the people in that constituency and in the nation.

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