37,000 Cruise Passengers To Visit St. Kitts – Nevis

Emerald Princess At Port Zante - St. Kitts

Emerald Princess Docked At Port Zante – St. Kitts
Photo By Erasmus Williams

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
December 26, 2008 (CUOPM)

St. Kitts – Nevis is expected to host an estimated 37,362 cruise ship passengers from 16 ships during the six cruise ship days, with 28,401 of them coming ashore from 13 ships over the next five days ““ December 27th to December 31st 2008.

Information from the St. Christopher Air and Sea Port Authority said the parade of cruise ships to Basseterre begins on Saturday 27th December with the arrival of the 3,473-capacity Carnival Victory and the 1,875-capacity Island Star, totaling 5,348 passengers that day.

On Sunday 28th December, an estimated 8,880 passengers are expected to visit aboard the 3,100 capacity Grand Princess, the 3,100-capacity Ventura and the 2,680-capacity Carnival Miracle.

On Monday 29th December, the Navigator of the Seas, which has a capacity of 3,840 passengers and the 400-passenger capacity Silver Shadow, will berth at Port Zante with a total of 4,240 passengers.

The Queen Mary 2, which has a capacity of 2,620 passengers, the Sea Princess with a capacity of 1,950 passengers and the 308-passenger Windsurf will visit with a total of 4,878 passengers on Tuesday 30th December.

The next day Wednesday 31st December, Port Zante welcomes the Celebrity Solstice which has a capacity of 2,850 passengers, the Grandeur of the Seas with a passenger capacity of 1,950 passengers and the Royal Clipper with 255 passengers with a total of 5,055 passengers.

Three more ships – the Emerald Princess with a capacity of 3100 passengers, the Carnival Victory with a capacity of 3,473 passengers and the Ocean Village with a capacity of 2,388 passengers are scheduled to visit on Saturday January 3rd 2009, with a total capacity of 8,961, bringing the overall number of cruise passengers to St. Kitts to 37,362 cruise passengers from 16 ships in six days”¦ an average of 6,227 passengers per day.

Most of the passengers on the ships are expected to disembark and go on sight-seeing tours via taxis, tour buses and the St. Kitts Scenic Railway; shopping, sun and sea-bathing, hiking, horse-back riding, snorkeling, golfing, kayaking and sailing. Scores of them are also expected to experience Carnival celebrations on St. Kitts.

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