365 People Leave The St. Kitts Unemployment Line

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Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
April 08, 2009 (SKNIS)

Approximately 365 young persons have left the unemployment line in St. Kitts under the work experience and job placement Youth Employment through Skills (Y.E.S.) Project.

Director of the National Skills Training Programme (NSTP), Fritzroy Wilkin, told SKNIS that of that number, 287 persons are being equipped with the necessary professional and social skills to function efficiently in a work environment. The remaining seventy eight applicants possessed work experienced and have been attached to various private and public sector agencies.

More than 100 additional persons are set to begin attachments at the parks and beaches unit, while training sessions in barbering and hairdressing are slated to begin soon.

“By next week Friday (April 17) “¦ we will have met the target of 500 persons,” Mr. Wilkin revealed, noting that unexpected developments may result in minor adjustments.

The Y.E.S. project was designed for 500 people, but Government was sensitive to the needs of the community and gave administrators the permission to accommodate as many as possible from the extra numbers.

Workers have been supplied to operate and learn in the field of air condition and refrigeration, auto mechanic, accounting, plumbing, computer, landscaping and electrician.

The NSTP Director noted that arrangements are ongoing to accommodate additional persons and expand training fields. He added that an informal assessment of workers on job attachments to date has been positive.

“Quite a number of individuals have expressed gratitude for being afforded the opportunity to be on the project, because they [realize] that they are benefiting from the training and attachments,” he said, adding that employers are also appreciative.

One such employer is Steve Stanley of Jake’s Garage in Harris’ who told SKNIS that he was impressed with the enthusiasm displayed by the two young men under his charge. “Their performance is really good and they show a lot of interest. I really appreciate this and I am looking at retaining their services after Y.E.S. ends,” he disclosed.

The Y.E.S. project was launched in mid February and caters for young men and women between the ages of 16 to 35.

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