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Lux Caribbean Real Estate Up For Auction

The Lux collections real estate group has announced the auction sale of over $150 million USD worth of real estate on May 19th via a live invitation-only auction. The event which sets itself apart as being progressive and unique for the total value being sold offers properties between St Kitts, New York, Nevis, St Barts, Hawaii, and St Luscious. The properties on offer range with price guides from 1.5m up to 13million USD and have been listed by some of the top brokers in these regions. The current demand for luxury property worldwide combined with the restrictions on travel from covid has meant more traditional ways of buying and selling homes have shifted. Top broker agent, Shermel Jeffers from SAJ Interior Design and Real Estate Services has put up 9 of her listings into the auction showcase and says auction presents a lot of merits right now for both the buyers and sellers.

To handle the auction process, the Lux collections have partnered with renowned real estate auction house, James Pratt Auctions Group, the same group which successfully conducted the world’s first realty cryptocurrency auction in 2019, CEO James Pratt said auctions are a terrific way to buy and sell property globally as it adds both urgency and transparency to the buyer and seller regardless of which part of the world you are., James also backed up the benefit of auctions with his company successfully auctioning over $200 Million dollars worth of property globally already in 2021.

The auction day itself will be after a 5-week marketing campaign in which buyers will have the opportunity to make an offer prior and try and secure the home if they wish. In order to bid, buyers must first register their interest with the Lux collections, and then on auction day will be given a private zoom link to the auction of the property of their choice. As covid has changed the habits of individual’s work and personal lifestyles, luxury real estate looks to become more global and online.

For more information please contact info@luxcollectionsre.com or visit www.theluxcollections.com
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