12th Annual Nevis House And Garden Tour

The Nevis Historical and Conservation Society (NHCS) will host its  12th annual House and Garden Tour on Saturday, February 24th between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.  The tour is designed to provide landscaping, house design, and interior decorating ideas for the  participants, to provide a tourism venue as well as to raise funds  for the NHCS.

Six sites are on the tour this year:  Allamanda, the home of Geoffrey  and Jane Sweatman, Seascape Villa the home of Per and Celine  Lindfors, Banana Estate, the home of  Wolfgang and Hannelore  Althaus,  The Colorful House, the home of Greg Slagon, Signe (Villa  1612) the home of Roger and Annette Wright, and Absolutely Bushed the  home of John Cacase.

Each of the homes has unique features; Allamanda-stunning views of  Oualie Bay, St. Kitts, and lovely sunsets; Seascape-perched on a  cliff overlooking the sea and St. Kitts provides a place to watch  pelicans dive and turtles swim and has an interesting Moroccan  bedroom; Banana Estate features a “jungle” area  and beautiful  views;  The Colorful House has a Caribbean influence with gingerbread  and bright colors; Signe (Villa 1612) has  views of the sunrise over  the mountain and the sunset over the sea, many local crafts persons  have contributed to the interior and exterior decor; Absolutely Bushed has been completely renovated inside and out and displays the designer skills of the owner, John Cacase.

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