World Bank Calls On Nevis Students To Pursue Education

Charlestown, Nevis
November 06, 2007

Students of the Charlestown Secondary School on Nevis have been called upon to pursue courses of study that would determine their future and the future of the island.
World Bank Senior Education Specialist, Mrs. Cynthia Hobbs urged the students while she delivered remarks on Friday November 2nd 2007, at a ceremony to commission the new expansion of the Charlestown Secondary School. The $4.3million project was funded by the World Bank.
She disclosed that a team from the Bank had been working over the years on a study to look at how the economy had evolved in the Eastern Caribbean and the kind of skills that would be necessary for the labour market.
“We’ve done surveys, we’ve talked to a lot of different firms and industries, we’ve talked to chambers of commerce, we’ve met with ministries of education, finance and agriculture to try to get a sense of what the changes in the economy would mean for the future of the island.“They need students with good strong English Language, Writing, Communication and strong Math skills.  Students that have the good research skills, that know how to work in teams, do group work, have a knowledge of science and technology, especially information technology.  Not all the schools are equipped to teach those skills but I am happy to say that this facility is ready now to teach all of those skills,” the World Bank Education Official said.
Meantime, Premier of Nevis the Hon. Joseph Parry who is also responsible for Education while he commended the institution for its outstanding performances regionally and stated that the Nevis Reformation Party led-Administration was determined to revolutionise the entire country and thereby cater to the needs of all of its people.
“All the schools – the primary schools, the private schools and the Gingerland Secondary School, we expect excellence from all of them.   This is why we are putting all of our efforts into upgrading the facilities and enhancing the teaching environment for the children and for the teachers.
“However, we are not only dealing with excellence in academics or academic education but academic in every endeavor.  Our education and training system appeals and caters to all.  We have some beautiful painters and we have also some persons who could work with their hands.  It is the endeavor and determination of my government, to make sure that no child is left behind and that every child is given the opportunity to develop his or her talent as they attend the schools on this island,” he said. 
The Education Minister further stated that Minister of Social Transformation, Hon. Hensley Daniel, had been working with young adults who had left school to assist them in training opportunities in Trinidad. While there they would be placed with trainers and benefit from training in the areas of carpentry, refrigeration, masonry among other areas.
“We believe that through education and training we could minimise crime. If people are educated and they are earning honest money then there would be no need for them to go after dishonest money.
“We are asking for your full support, the private sector and anyone who can help us in this endeavor as we seek to train our whole island of Nevis.  I want to say that in training our people – and we have over 100 people abroad – there are areas of activity in the civil service there are areas in the private sector. I am also here to tell you that there are many, many projects that will be developed over the next three years,” the Premier said.
He also revealed that Nevis would be the headquarters of a communications project and programme that would cater to tourists all over the Caribbean.

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