Welsh Calls On Martin To Apologise For Insulting His Wife

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Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
September 11, 2009
PAM Secretariat

At a Labour political meeting in Keys Village, Minister Dr. Earl “Asim” Martin personally attacked the wife of PAM Candidate for Change Bernard Welsh. Martin called Welsh’s wife an “invalid” and insulted her intelligence.

Responding to the deeply personal attack against his family, Bernard Welsh called on Minister Martin to publicly apologise to his wife and his family.

“Asim Martin’s cowardice is disgusting. He knows Labour has failed the people of St. Kitts & Nevis, so, the man has lowered himself to attacking my wife and my family,” said Welsh. “It’s despicable. The people of St. Kitts & Nevis deserve leaders they can be proud of – not desperate politicians who hurl insults at innocent women.”

Welsh continued, “I have no problem with Martin engaging me on the issues. I’m happy to talk about how his Government can’t even keep the lights on in the Federation or the crime and murder crisis that has spiraled out of control under their watch. Dr. Martin crosses the line when he personally insults my family. If he has a shred of common decency in him, he will both publicly and personally apologise to my family.”

PAM Leader Lindsay Grant is equally disgusted by Martin’s remarks. He called on Prime Minister Denzil Douglas to join him in denouncing Martin’s remarks.

“Insults against innocent family members are disgusting and demeaning. They have no place in our society or in our political discourse. I call upon the Prime Minister to join me in condemning this smear,” said Grant. “Prime Minister Douglas chose this man to serve in his cabinet. He is already letting one man continue to serve as his Attorney General after he was convicted of contempt of court. Will he let a Minister keep his job after he publicly spews personal attacks against an innocent woman? The people of the Federation deserve leaders who are respectful. It’s time for change.”

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