Voters Should Reject Marcella Liburd

PAM Candidate - Roy Fleming

PAM Candidate – Roy Fleming

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
PAM Secretariat
January 17, 2010

People’s Action Movement politician, Roy Fleming has said that the current infighting within the Labour Party is a demonstration that there is weak leadership within the organization. Fleming, who is the PAM candidate running in the Central Basseterre Constituency, stressed that the recent call for change issued by Labour parliamentarian and current holder of the Central Basseterre seat, Dwyer Astaphan, is a clear indication that the outgoing Labour Administration is in turmoil, days before the general elections.

Astaphan has continued to refuse to endorse Marcella Liburd to succeed him as the new Labour candidate for this “must win” seat, even though she once led his House to House campaign when he was contesting in the past elections.

Fleming told supporters at a recent campaign stop that if Marcella Liburd is being rejected by her own colleague, then that is enough reason for the people of Central Basseterre, not to elect her in this election.

Fleming said that he had no doubt that the recent public revelations and release of court documents about the relationship between Marcella Liburd and her nieces must have helped to influence Astaphan’s decision not to endorse her. As stated in the court documents, Ms. Liburd was appointed the executrix of her late brother’s estate and though he bequeathed his millions in cash and property to his two daughters, after over ten years, the children are still awaiting the benefits of their father’s wealth, including funds to attend university.

Fleming said that instead of giving the children access to their funds for education and other basic needs, they are being told to take a loan from the country’s Development Bank. The PAM candidate described the situation as unfair and poor treatment of her own brother’s children who are being denied their inheritance. Fleming said that when her brother appointed her as executrix, it was because he thought she would do the right thing when he died, and make sure that his children would be well looked after. Fleming said that this is always the dying wish of every loving parent, so it must be heart- broken now to see how unfairly these innocent children are being treated by their own aunt.

Fleming pointed out, that Marcella’s failure to respond to the allegations that caused the children to take the matter to the courts, in an effort to retrieve their millions, is very troubling because she needs to answer if she is to build trust and establish confidence in the people of Central Basseterre and the country generally.

“Marcella and the Labour Party should know that without such trust, suspicion will continue and motives will be questioned, said Fleming.

But while he called for the public to join the “train” of change in an effort to bring about development and growth, Fleming who is widely expected to win the seat once held by former PAM leader and the country’s first prime minister, Sir Dr. The Right Honourable Kennedy Simmonds, suggested that the absence of trust for the promises of the labour party, casts severe doubt on Marcella’s campaign theme of stronger families.

Since being overwhelmingly endorsed by the People’s Action Movement supporters in Central to run in the upcoming elections, Fleming has been advocating for the constituents to vote for change, in an effort to bring about needed development to the constituency. Fleming reminded the thousands at the PAM rally that, like he predicted at the last elections in 2004, the labour party would continue to ignore the pleas for jobs, better housing, new schools and repaired roads, if they are again re-elected to office.

Fleming gave his commitment that if the people of Central elected him, his representation wouldl include all citizens, regardless of their political affiliation. Nonetheless, he indicated that he is genuinely interested in advancing his party’s programme of bringing about growth and development so as to enhance the lives of the people within his constituency. He urged voters to put their party affiliation aside and elect an administration based on policies and programmes. He said that once this is achieved then everyone can work towards the national interest of St Kitts and Nevis.

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