Villa Paradiso on Nevis Island Reopens

Charlestown, Nevis
December 11, 2007

“The message here tonight is”¦ let Nevisians be given the opportunity to thrive at whatever level they can serve,’ said Premier and Minister of Tourism in Nevis, Hon Joseph Parry , as he spoke at the grand launching  of the Villa Paradiso reopening on Sunday, Dec.9, 2007.

Under the flagship of Ultimate Resort, Villa Paradiso is a collection of private homes designed to accommodate families with children, couples, friends and business executives. Most of the residences have high speed wireless internet access, surround-sound music, large LCD and plasma Television sets and video games for the kids. The homes combine the luxury of a high-end private residence with the convenience of an exclusive resort, offering the Ultimate destination experience.

While Premier Parry expressed his pleasure in seeing the resort reopen after only five short months and his satisfisfaction over the homes being full most of the year, he indicated that his greatest joy lay in the fact that a Nevisian was chosen as the general manager.  ‘Let Nevisians be given an opportunity to prove themselves and do well at the top,” he proclaimed.

The property boasts an average value of $1.5 million and $3-million homes that are spacious and beautifully appointed residences which feature three to five bedrooms, Chef’s kitchens and spa-like bathrooms. Many also offer private pools or hot tubs and other amenities including five star concierge services. Other services range from stocking the kitchen and wine cellar to making dinner, spa and activity reservations.

During the cocktail reception, Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Dana Percival, stated that he and his colleagues are eager to assist wherever necessary. “We want to work with the entire community to make things happen. We have an incredible resource that we have invested in and everything that we can do collectively, we will do. We represent jobs in the community, we represent taxes in the community and anytime we can be of service to the community we will do so. We look forward to working with all of you here on the island.”

All in all it was a pleasant evening for well wishers who were treated to a thirst-quenching range of mixed drinks, scrumptious appetizers, and the harmonious sounds of the Casanova band.

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