US Airways Special Flight To St. Kitts – Nevis

While this is part of a package deal, many times you can get “air only” on these packages, and continue on to Nevis.  Here is what is on offer……

Timothy Beach Resort
Frigate Bay, St. Kitts – Nevis West Indies

Spend your days on a sun-drenched beach and your nights under a blanket of stars at the Timothy Beach Resort. Here, vervet monkeys scamper playfully just outside your door while golden sands and turquoise waters beckon you to frolic in the ocean.

Explore the natural beauty and historic sites of St. Kitts or stay on the resort to enjoy snorkeling, water sports and an ocean-front pool. Plus, you can enjoy nearby golf and tennis as well as rainforest hikes, sea kayaking and deep sea fishing just minutes away. Throughout your stay, you’ll enjoy delectable cuisine and ocean views at the charming Sunset Café restaurant.

Fast Facts:

Check-in: 3 PM
Check-out: 12 PM
Number of rooms: 61

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6 thoughts on “US Airways Special Flight To St. Kitts – Nevis”

  1. This is very odd. I *love* taking the flight on Saturdays non-stop from Charlotte to SKB. I’ve flown it dozens of times. It’s usually early, and they’ve never once lost my luggage. Unlike the old days of flying into SXM and picking up the Winair flight that if it didn’t leave late, just didn’t leave at all. And *guaranteed* to lose your luggage. Plus you get the “joy” of hanging out for hours at the SXM (the “friendly island”) airport where Winair staff won’t even answer a simple question like “is the flight to Nevis going to fly this evening?”

    I don’t understand the people above recommending you instead take the Eagle into Nevis. The Eagle doesn’t fly into Nevis anymore. The only way to fly directly into Nevis is Winair (see above).

    You do need to make sure to leave adequate time in Charlotte to make your connection, as you do have to go through immigration in Charlotte. Last Saturday it only took about 5 minutes for the whole plane to get through, but if the airport is busy it can take longer than 30 minutes. When that happens, you can hear everyone in line grousing about maybe missing their connections.

  2. I can report that our annual trip back to the States in September went exceedingly well. Took the ferry/taxi to SKB; flightto CLT left on time, and we arrived in PHL a few minutes early. Coming back was equally uneventful, with all luggage accounted for. And all the employees we met along the way were nice to us! All in all, more pleasant than our recent experience on AA.

    Must be the luck of the draw!

  3. Well sad to say, but I have to agree with all of the other replies listed above. USAIR (US Airways) service is utter and total shite. Never again will my husband and I fly with them. The next time we fly with American Airlines, or even Wrong Way Corrigan Airlines (LMAO), sure to at least get to St. Kitts with all of our luggage.


  4. So sorry to hear about everyone’s bad luck…but what do you expect from a second rate airline. Fly Delta to SXM, then WINAIR to Nevis. Easy and they don’t lose your luggage.

    US Airways is garbage.

  5. I feel for you! We too have had miserable experiences with USAIR to St. Kitts. Missed connections and late arrivals. We had to pay to stay overnight in St. Kitts while we had a perfectly good hotel booked in Nevis.

    USAIR was so late that we missed the last ferry to Nevis. USAIR would not pay for the room as they said that they were only responsible for getting us to St. Kitts.

    A $150.00 dollars down the plughole due to the inept US Airways service. Never again, next time we will choose a carrier that has service.

  6. After our last trip to Nevis, our 12th trip to be exact, we will NEVER us USAIR (US Airways)again. They lost our luggage in Charlotte, and it took us DAYS to get our bags in Nevis. We ended up buying clothes just to wear while on vacation. What a bummer. From now on we will be flying with American Airlines, and hopefully Delta.

    Stay away from USAIR…unless you need a new wardrobe. BTW two other couples on the same flight suffered the same fate. :(


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